SeaHawks stun Big Bad Sagitun!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 20            May 19, 2005

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Fresh off the sports desk, it’s another dose of the playoff season in the Belize Premier Football League’s Regent Cup tournament. Last weekend, SeaHawks hosted the big bad boys of Sagitun in a ballgame that was expected to be one of the best playoff games of the season. After a bad start in Orange Walk, the SeaHawks would more than likely need a victory to stay in the playoffs.

    The Ambergris stadium was filled to capacity, as the game got underway at 3:00p.m. First attempt went to Jarbi Alvares, but Darren Hinds was quick to stop the shot. Minute 10, Robert Muschamp of Sagitun fired a massive shot, but missed the target. At minute 15, a hawk player was fouled outside the 18-box and Vallan Syms took the power shot as the ball managed to make it pass the keeper. Fans shouted and cheered for the home team as they were up 1-0. The Hawks kept pressuring their opponents, but the Sagitun were not about to give up. In minute 26, Sagitun’s Brazilian player “Magu” made a center from the right hand side that found Robert Muschamp, he fired a rocket shot and made it past the keeper, tying the score at one apiece. Game continued getting heated, in minute 30, veteran John Trapp tried from a spot kick and almost made it pass Darren Hinds. Minute 37, Robert Muschamp missed a big time shot that would have given Sagitun the lead. Some minutes later, Orlando ‘lich’ Jimenez took a monster shot but failed to score. Then, Hilberto Muschamp made a final attempt, but William Johnson was there to save the kick that ended the first half.

    The second half got underway, SeaHawks came out playing aggressive and at minute 4, Deon Frazzer had control of the ball and made it to the 18-box and he centered the ball that found Julio Valle at the right place at the right time and he scored, putting the SeaHawks up 2-1. Minute 7, Sagitun’s youngest player Richard “cheatie” Jimenez tried a header, but William Johnson did a marvelous job at protecting the goal. Minute 13, Jarbi Alvarez fired another monster shot, but missed. At this time, the Hawks wanted to prove to the fans that they can beat the Sagitun squad, and at minute 19, Julio had the ball again and fired a rocket shot at the goal scoring to put the Hawks 3-1 up against Sagitun. Mad props go out to Jairo Sandoval that made a beautiful pass to Julio in order to score the goal. The SeaHawks wanted to show their fans that they could beat the defending champions and show them they are after the championship. At minute 40, a SeaHawk player made an attempt for the fourth goal, but the keeper saved the shot. The game then ended at minute 51, the fans all cheered and rooted for the home team for doing such an awesome job defeating the defending champions.

    In other playoff results, Orange Walk’s pride and joy, Juventus, crushed the Calcutta Bulls 4-1. Current standings are as follows; Juventus with 6 points, SeaHawks with 3 points, Sagitun with 3 points and Calcutta has yet to gain a point. The schedule for this weeks’ double-header May 21st, Juventus travels to face the defending champions Sagitun at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium starting at 7:30 p.m. and the SeaHawks travel to the Calcutta field to take on the Calcutta Bulls starting at 3:30 p.m. Once again, big up to the SeaHawks on behalf of the San Pedro Sun. You are doing us proud! Viva SeaHawks.
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