San Pedrana unveils masterpieces

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 22            June 2, 2005

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Last Friday evening The San Pedro Sun attended an invitation only, one-night exclusive art exhibit by local artist Elvie Guerrero. The gala event was held at the beautiful Ramon’s Village Resort.

    Ms. Guerrero, who was born and raised in San Pedro, is a young woman of many talents. She attended La Universidad de Mayab in Mexico and received a degree in graphic communications and design. Not only is she artistically gifted, the lovely Elvie has modeled as a Belikin calendar girl twice in the last five years, having appeared in the first calendar ever. She returned to “La Isla Bonita” two years ago and has been busy working as a free lance artist. Elvie has always been a creative person, and family members fondly remember her early “master pieces” as a young child.

    In an interview with The San Pedro Sun Elvie commented that she had been painting since she was 15. Her medium interests vary, and she uses charcoal, Chinese ink, acrylics, air brush and water colors to bring her creative expressions to life. Her style is as versatile as the mediums she uses, and her works vary from the abstract to realistic with intense attention to detail. Some are vibrant colorful splashes of color, while others are dark and monotone. Her large single flower portraits are reminiscent of the American artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, and the mood of each creation is reflected by the mood she is in at the time she is doing them.

    When Elvie is not creating her own artwork she is busy working as a free lance artist. Often she is commissioned to create a specific piece of art to complement a new or existing space. She works closely with interior decorators and architects, as well as the client, to customize the artwork. Although creating “made to order” art has its challenges, she finds it professionally and personally satisfying when she can create something from someone else’s vision.

    Elvie’s artwork is not on exhibit at any gallery, and the opportunity to admire her current collection was a rare treat. Her works are available for sale and she is also taking orders for custom work. For more information please contact Elvie at 226-3102.
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