PSE Results are in - Elvin Melgar is San Pedro's Top Scorer!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 23            June 9, 2005

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The results of Belize's Primary School Examinations (PSE) are out and while Social Studies remained consistent and English showed some improvement, both Mathematics and Science showed a decline compared to last year's performance. A total of 5,834 students from primary schools throughout the country sat the examination.

    A total of 120 students from San Pedro Town participated in this very important exam. Elvin Melgar, student at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School, attained the top overall performance in San Pedro with an 89%.

    The island schools represented and top scoring students were: San Pedro Roman Catholic School (67 total, highest score: Elvin Melgar - 89%, 57 passed - 10 failed), Island Academy (10 total, highest score: Madison Kjorlien - 80%, 10 passed - 0 failed), New Horizon Academy (5 total, highest score: Pedro Ash - 58%, 3 passed - 2 failed), Isla Bonita Elementary (4 total, highest score: Raylee Stephens - 64%, 4 passed - 0 failed), St. Peter's Elementary (12 total, highest score: Ronnie Mejia - 55%, 4 passed - 8 failed), Maestro Reyes' School of Knowledge (12 total, highest score: Raquel Perez - 80%, 9 passed - 3 failed), Lydia's Institute of Fine Education (10 total, highest score: Eduardo Vasquez - 68.7%, 7 passed - 3 failed).

    The highest overall score in this year's PSE was earned by Lilian Shen of Belize Elementary School in Belize City with a total overall score of 370 points (92.5%) out of a total of 400 points. The second highest overall score was obtained by Virginia Hsu also of Belize Elementary School with a total of 369 points (92.25%). Third highest overall score was 367 (91.75%) obtained by Ravesh Suknandan of All Saints Primary School in Belize City and Leia Auil of Hummingbird Elementary also of Belize City.

    According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, last year's PSE results broke the trend in poor performance for both Mathematics and Science as candidates were able to show significant improvement in both these subjects. Last years preparation was marked by increased communication, cooperation and collaboration between the Ministry and schools. On the other hand, this school year saw much interruption and loss of valuable preparation time on the part of teachers and students.

    The Ministry will engage in a comprehensive review and analysis of the examination results in order to provide schools and the education system with a detailed report on this year's performance. Feedback from the report will be used to conduct training workshops for teachers addressing those areas of concern.
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