“Calendar Girls”: Spicing up San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 30            July 28, 2005

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The lovely Dee Thomas, one of the several beauties to be featured in a special 2006 calendar
Design courtesy of Gecko Graphics

Almost everyone has seen the popular movie Calendar Girls and is familiar with the concept behind featuring beautiful local personalities in a calendar to help raise funds for local charities. Having seen the movie himself, Pirate Jim thought, “Maybe the concept could work and help children on the island,” and began working towards a wonderful goal.

    Teaming up with Joyce Harris, who did all the phone calls and convincing, Pirate Jim had 13 gorgeous “young at heart” women ready to drop their towels for a magnificent cause. They all had one objective in mind, to create a gorgeous calendar that will feature advertising placement, and once sold will generate funding to assist local children with their education.

    Over the course of three to four days the “models” were photographed in settings all over “La Isla Bonita.” These lovely ladies posed with nothing more than minor props, strategically placed to conceal their modesty. Some of these props included an Easter basket, sunhat, presents, palm and banana leaves and soap suds. The photography was carried out by Caye Coffee and Pirate Jim, in locations such as Casa Mañana, Wata-view, Barry Bowen’s residence, Pirates’ Lantern, and Casa Tortuga.

    So, what exactly was the team’s motivation? To help the youth of the community get an education. With the money raised on advertising placement and calendar sales, the group hopes to help as many children as possible with school tuition (primary and high school), books, and uniforms. In an interview with Jan Brown, one of the models, and Pirate Jim, The San Pedro Sun found out that they strongly believe that education is a number one concern all over the world. “The Calendar Girls were formed to raise both consciousness of this fact and monies to provide the children with an opportunity to attend school,” commented Jan. “We really do not know how many children we can and will help. It all depends on how much money we raise. The more money we receive the more children will be helped.”

    The Calendar Girls also learned that with the help of the San Pedro Town Council, the San Pedro Roman Catholic School will build a new classroom. To assist in this new venture, the Calendar Girls offered to pay the full year’s salary of the teacher of that classroom. “What good will a new classroom be if there will not be a teacher to teach the students. Teachers play a vital role in education and that is why we decided to assist the school with the full year’s salary,” commented Pirate Jim.

    The Calendar Girls plan to unveil their masterpiece, laid out and designed by Gecko Graphics, at a signing party scheduled in September. Can’t wait to get your hands on a calendar and help with their cause? You do not have to wait much longer; it will be available for sale in October. Calendars are also being pre-sold and Jan exclaimed that calendar pre-sales are going pretty well with orders to be shipped to the United States! Another part of their funding is advertising space which they still have available. Spaces run for $250 and $500, however two or more people can share the space and the price. “Please help us help our children,” said Pirate Jim. “Buying advertising space will help; advertising is a big part of our funding.”

    So, who will be the stunning beauties be who will grace walls all over the world in 2006? Well, they are; Mel Spain (January), Dee Thomas (February), Sharon Patterson (March), Linda Carter (April), Jan Brown (May), Joyce Harris (June), Valerie Merritt (July), Aida Graf (August), Marie Haylock (September), Sami Blouin (October), Pam Smith (November), Caroline Winsor (December) and special January 2007 page will be graced by Shirley O’Donley (January). The brave and spectacular ladies range from the youngest being 52 years of age and the “youngest at heart” at 76.

    To buy advertising space, please contact Jan Brown at the Pier Lounge or call (226) 2002 or call Pirate Jim at (609) 0677. The Calendar Girls will also ship the calendars all over the world, for further information contact Jan at: [email protected]

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