Miss San Pedro delegates announced - pageant is September 3rd

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 32            August 11, 2005

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Norma Leticia Lara, 17.

Inez Reyes, 15.

Darling Guevara, 21.

Amarilis Peña, 16.

Karina Rejon, 17.

Once again the stage is set for yet another pageant, only this time the queen selection will be one of our very own. The Miss San Pedro pageant has been scheduled for September 3rd at the Old Football Field. The San Pedro Town Council and reigning queen Roxanna Bradley proudly announce the five lovely contestants that will compete for the coveted title of Miss San Pedro 2005-2006. The five contestants are Amarilis Peña, Karina Rejón, Ines Reyes, Norma Leticia Lara and Darling Guevara.

   On Monday, August 9th, The San Pedro Sun caught up with the girls and got to know them a little better. They all had positive outlooks on life and had many wonderful things to say about the pageant. Here’s a brief biography on each of the contestants and comments on their experiences so far.

   Norma Leticia “Lety” Lara, 17, is a student of the San Pedro High School. Her hobbies include swimming, playing volleyball, school studies and hanging out with her friends. Letty’s main ambition in life is to become a successful business person to help the people in the community. Regarding the pageant, Lety stated, “I entered this pageant because my sister was a former Miss San Pedro and she is my role model. This pageant was her first step to be introduced to other pageants and I would really like to follow in her footsteps.”

   Ines Reyes is currently attending San Pedro High School, majoring in Academic Studies. This charming 15-year-old was born and raised in San Pedro. Ines hopes that one day she can use her education to help people, as she wants to become a nurse or a doctor. Her pastimes include dancing, all sports and enjoys very much going to the beach. Concerning the title of being Miss San Pedro, she stated that, “I plan on fulfilling all my responsibilities and will try to assist the community to the best of my abilities.”

   Darling Guevara is presently working as a sales representative at Island Vibes. This beautiful 21-year-old is a graduate of San Pedro High School. Her favorite pastimes include swimming, enjoying the serenity of the beach, and she loves water sports. Her future aspiration is to be a successful business administrator. If given the title of Miss San Pedro, Darling stated “I would represent the island in various activities that go on and I hope to encourage other young ladies to take the challenge and get involved in events of this kind.”

   Karina Rejón, 17, is a graduate of San Pedro High School where she majored in Commercial Studies. Her hobbies include scuba diving, dancing and loves going to the beach where she enjoys soaking up the sun. Karina hopes that one day she will become a bank manager. Her comments regarding the pageant includes, “I am proud to represent the pageant and if I were to win I would help my community and follow in the footsteps of the past queen.”

   Amarilis Peña is a 16-year-old student attending San Pedro High School where she is majoring in Academic Studies. Her pastimes include playing football, dancing and going to the beach. Her ambition in life is to become a lawyer. If Amarilis were to win the title, she stated that, “I feel I would be a good Miss San Pedro because I would help the community and represent “La Isla Bonita” to the fullest.”

   The winner of the pageant will receive many prizes and will be the next representative for San Pedro. Pageant sponsors include; Victoria House, Castillo’s, Fido’s Restaurant & Bar, Ramon’s Village and Harmouche Center Limited. So, mark your calendars and don’t miss this spectacular event and your opportunity to support the newest representative of our community, Miss San Pedro 2005-2006.

   For further information on the pageant or to sponsor this event, kindly contact the San Pedro Town Council at (226)2198.

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