11-A-Side Tournament Champions

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 36            September 8, 2005

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Friday, September 2nd, was the culmination of the long and grueling season for the 11-A-Side tournament that was held at the Ambergris Stadium. Hundreds of football fans flocked to the stadium to witness history in the making as this tournament would see the crowning of a champion. The San Pedro Sun was at the stadium to cover the games, and here is the scoop.

    First game was between the Eliminators and the High School Girls, and at the end only one team would walk away champions. The game kicked off at 6:00p.m., and both teams had trained long and hard to reach this point - win or go home. The two teams, Eliminators and High School girls were both practicing their version of the victory dance, as they both anticipated the big win. Minutes into the game, the Eliminators took control of the ball and made an attempt at the goal, but lack of communication caused them to lose possession of the ball. Then at minute 11, the Eliminators went on the offense and tightened up on defense, but with all that strategy, their shot was denied. Later in the game, the High School Girls were looking for the quick goal with a beautiful right foot bomb, but it flew inches over the crossbar. The first half was a time with barely any spectacular highlights for both ball clubs, since neither team could put together any prolonged possession. At the end of the first half, both ball clubs were scoreless 0-0.

    In the second half, the action picked up and the Eliminators showed an intent to win when they fired a long range missile, but it was unsuccessful. The momentum went both ways, and at minute 18, the Eliminators finally got an opportunity to take it all the way, giving them the 1-0 lead. The stadium was rocking at that point with the great plays and smart moves that were showcased. The high school girls were looking for the equalizer and at minute 24, Eden Velasquez took a shot, and made it past the keeper tying the game at 1-1.

    At the end of regulation, the score was still a draw, but there could only be one winner, so they took it to penalty kicks. In that round, the High School Girls managed to edge out the Eliminators with the 5-6 win. The High School Girls have earned themselves bragging rights and the 2005 11-A-Side Championship title.

    Let's flip the script and review the game between the Aguila squad and the BTA Warriors. At kick off, both teams were determined to get the victory and the title. The game was a nail biter all the way because they played with the same drive. Minute 12, Luis Hernandez of the Warriors had an opportunity knock on his door, but his attempt was short and edged past the goal post. In Minute 36, Danny Maldonado of Aguila fired a missile shot, but that bounced off the cross bar. At the end of the first half, the game remained scoreless, 0-0.

    During the second half, both teams made many attempts at goal, but all their shots were futile. Minute 21, Aguila went on a streak of back to back opportunities, but both shots bounced back from the cross bar. Then, at minute 39, 'golden boy,' Danny Maldonado took control of the ball, took it all the way and fired a shot past the keeper giving them the 1-0 lead. Both teams packed heat with every player in his prime and a strategy for every minute of the game. Each team had its own strength, but at the end of regulation the Aguila's remained on top and won the championship title.

    The crowd then gathered on the field for the official award ceremony and Mayor Elsa Paz, along with the town councilors were there to distribute the trophies and medals. The distribution of trophies are as follows; Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the girls division was Matilde of the Eliminator team; Eden Velasquez, of High School won the title for most goals scored and Olivia Gillett of High School girls won for best goal keeper. In the male division, Luis Hernandez of the BTA Warriors won for most goals scored; Allen Cardenas of Aguila won for best goal keeper and Danny Maldonado of Aguila's won the Most Valuable Player. Along with the trophies, the team received $1,000 in cash and the recognition of being the best team of the tournament. On behalf of Raul Perez and the Sports council, they would like to thank the Town Council, the community and anybody that helped to make the tournament a huge hit. See you next season!

Female football team "Flames" traveled to Hattieville

    This past weekend, the female football team "Flames" competed in a marathon which was held in Hattieville in the Belize District. Team Flames is a female team that was organized a couple months ago. Since then, they have been practicing and training hard for upcoming marathons and friendly games around Belize. The team, all equipped with their football gear and ready to play, made an impressive debut against the "Strykers" of Hattieville. Here's the inside scoop on what transpired.

    The game kicked off at 2:00 p.m. and was jam-packed with action from the very start. The intensity of the game had people jiggling in their seats throughout the game. In the first half, the momentum could be visible for the home team, but after a few minutes, an aggressive "Flames" team, showcased their talents. At minute 18, Abby Holiday, managed to get her way past the Strykers' defense and scored the first goal. Then, an opportunity came knocking at the Stryker doors, but they failed to capitalize on the attempt. At 30 minutes of play, the first half then ended with a 1-0 scoreboard in favor of the Flames.

    In the second half, team Strykers came out with a vengeance and played their hardest. The home team went on the defense first; they kept pressuring the Flames, but all attempts to score were futile. The Strykers were still hunting for a goal, but when Abby Holiday got ahold of the ball, where there was no holding back, and at the 18 box, she scored the second goal. However, it was a big mistake for the Flames when they got confident of a sure win, for the Strykers took it to the next level and managed to soften the blow with a rocket shot goal. The scoreboard read 2-1 and a sudden shift of momentum was visible on the home team.

    In minute 26, Karen Shaw of Hattieville took control of the ball with a great play, and guess what folks, she shocked the crowd with the equalizer. With the 2-2 ball game, a last minute goal would crown a winner, but all attempts at the goal was unsuccessful. Both teams fought hard for the big win, but ended as a draw. Team Captain, Debbie Spain commented on the game and stated, "I am very pleased with the performance we showcased here today, although we did not get the win, we will learn from this and become better players. Still, I think there is a great need to formulate more clubs, we need to be active and have fun with it. We would like to thank the San Pedro Fitness Club for making their field available for our practices."

    If you are a female and love to play football then you might consider becoming a member of the Flames Female Football Club. According to Debbie Spain, "we want to strengthen female football in San Pedro and we are looking for females who are disciplined and competitive." The teams next match is scheduled for the end of September against the girls of Chetumal. For more information contact Debbie at 600-0482.

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