Fundraiser held for Katrina Victims

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 37            September 15, 2005

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In response to the recent Hurricane disaster that struck Mississippi, Alabama and New Orleans, the San Pedro Lion's Club held a radiothon to raise funds for the victims of the tragedy, and on Sunday, September 11th, San Pedranos united to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

   The radiothon was held in collaboration with the Reef Radio and the Lion's Club in San Pedro. The drive was specifically designed to help relieve the needy and homeless people of the different states. San Pedro has been known to give a helping hand whenever there is a time of need; and evidently, they heard a cry for help. The disaster victims are in dire need to rebuilding their homes and lives, but to achieve that, monetary assistance is highly necessary.

   The radiothon was an all day event that included door to door visits to households, a finger licking barbeque sale and an active phone line to make contributions. All day San Pedranos and businesses made calls and came together to donate to this worthy cause. In the end, an amount totaling over BZ$20,000 was raised; and as of Tuesday, the Lion's Club had deposited a whopping $17,715 to the bank. This money will then be transferred to the American Red Cross in the United States and will go to aid the victims.

   The community outreach has proven once again how united and strong we are when we come together as a collective unit for the sole purpose of helping others. President of the Lion's Club, Isela Graniel stated, "The radiothon really showed that San Pedranos can be counted on in cases like these, and we would like to thank everyone that donated and helped to make the radiothon such a big success."

   Contributions for the Hurricane Katrina Red Cross Appeal Fund can still be made at all major banks of the country. Hurry and make a donation. For today, it's them, but tomorrow, it could be us.
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