Hurricane Wilma

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 41            October 20, 2005

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The worst of Hurricane Wilma seems past us. The winds certainly picked up strength overnight, and up to this afternoon, winds have been strong, though certainly not tropical storm force. Other than the occasional drizzle, the weather seems to be picking up. This morning, the sun even tried to peek through the clouds! People are back to work as normal, and cleanup of the beaches has begun. Again, everyone just seems relieved, but our hearts go out to those in the peninsula who are suffering. We wish them all the best.

    Once more Belize has been spared, and we should be thankful and appreciative. The San Pedro Sun is pleased to have provided information to concerned relatives and visitors, and we thank you for your continued interest.

The calmer seas draw tourists to the docks.

The waters are still irresistible to even the youngest swimmers.

Here's us toasting after Wilma...

Hurricane Wilma is the highlight of the conversations around town. The general feeling around town is one of relief: relief that the hurricane has spared us. However, people are still being cautious, and preparations are still being made. Residents have been boarding up their buildings and businesses, in preparation of the strong winds expected to come over the island possibly tonight or tomorrow.

    Several business owners have closed up shop and have decided to head to the beach to watch the waves. It is rare that San Pedro gets these large waves, and children, making the most of their days off from school are quite happy to swim and “surf” the waves. Their parents watch from the beach, keeping an eye out on them.

    At BC’s, one of San Pedro’s landmarks, several people already set up camp to enjoy cold beers and good time off of work. Another popular to keep informed while enjoying the view is Hangover sports bar at the Holiday Hotel. Hurricane parties are a common occurrence in San Pedro, especially when the hurricane misses us.

    San Pedro is prepared and current visitors seem at ease. No mandatory evacuations have been called for, and for now, we enjoy out sea and our beers. .

The areas around the lagoon and near canals are filling up with water from the lagoon due to the north breeze blowing water onto streets.

Residents have heeded the small craft warnings and have begun docking their boats in the back areas, alongside the canals on the lagoon side. Pictured are a couple of SeaDuced boats anchored/tied up for safety.

Other than a strong north breeze and light rain, everything seems quite normal. Cyclists head out to check out the waves at Mar de Tumbo.

The beach at the Mar de Tumbo area in front of Banyan Bay has become a playground for young swimmers.

Tourists walking the beach, enjoying the surf.

Young children enjoy the larger than average waves while they last.

Two San Pedro gentlemen out on the pier in the Mar de Tumbo area brave the large waves that are currently pounding the beach

Children further out at sea surfing the waves, enjoying the daylight and days off from school!

Jan and Bruce enjoying beers out and about town. In San Pedro, life is good!

Navigating the street at Boca del Rio is proving to be a bit difficult.

It took some strong wave action to knock down this palapa!

Everyone seems to be out enjoying the big waves.

Daring boaters out on the sea, braving the elements.

It's all business as usual at BC's bar. For residents and visitors, closing up shop to party is just the order of the day!

Belikin goes great with wave watching! Everyone's closed up their shop and headed to BC's, a great place to watch the waves and keep up with the news of Wilma!

Despite the rather dark clouds in the horizon and overhead, children find surfing the waves a lot more interesting!
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