Miss Garifuna Pageant Contestants Announced, Calendar Girls Release 2006 Calendar

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 41            October 20, 2005

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Miss Garifuna Pageant Contestants Announced

Under the theme “Keeping Culture alive at home, in our community and worldwide,” this year’s celebration of the Garifuna Settlement Day brings about the much anticipated Miss Garifuna pageant. On the 10th of November, the four lovely young girls, Elisha Gonzalez, Miriam Palacio, Rahgeedah Williams, and Sheila Velasquez will be vying for the prestigious title of Miss Garifuna 2005-2006. The pageant will be held in collaboration with the Reef Radio at the Lions Den at 7:00 p.m. Entrance is set at $5 for adults and $3 for children.

   The organizers for the pageant and celebrations committee invite one and all to come partake in the festivities. There will be lots of food and drinks, plus prizes and surprises at the door.

   Be on the lookout for the young girls as they visit schools promoting their Garifuna culture!

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Calendar Girls Release 2006 Calendar

In the July 28th, 2005 issue, The San Pedro Sun introduced San Pedro Town and the world to 13 lovely ladies, now known internationally as Isla Bonita’s Calendar Girls. On October 8th, the gorgeous “young at heart” women were present at the most awaited launching of the calendar. The Blue Water Grill was packed to capacity as people lined up to purchase their very own calendar and have it autographed by the beautiful ladies.

   The idea of the calendar was sparked by the 2004 released movie, Calendar Girls, and having seen the movie himself, Pirate Jim thought, “Maybe the concept could work and help children on the island,” and began working towards the wonderful goal.

   Sales of the calendar will go towards helping the children of San Pedro receive an education. The group hopes to help as many children as possible with school tuition (primary and high school), books, and uniforms. In an interview with Jan Brown, Miss May, and Pirate Jim, The San Pedro Sun found out that they strongly believe that education is a number one concern all over the world. “The Calendar Girls were formed to raise both consciousness of this fact and monies to provide the children with an opportunity to attend school,” commented Jan. “We really do not know how many children we can and will help. It all depends on how much money we raise. The more money we receive the more children will be helped.”

   The Calendar Girls also learned that with the help of the San Pedro Town Council, the San Pedro Roman Catholic School will build a new classroom. To assist in this new venture, the Calendar Girls offered to pay the full year’s salary of the teacher of that classroom. “What good will a new classroom be if there will not be a teacher to teach the students. Teachers play a vital role in education and that is why we decided to assist the school with the full year’s salary,” commented Pirate Jim.

   At the grand launch close to two hundred calendars were bought - all autographed by the sensational models. Jan Brown stated that with the huge success Isla Bonita Calendar Girls has had they have already committed $10,000 for the building of the classroom, but if it is possible more classrooms will be built.

   Parents requiring assistance for school fees can call 226-3498 or 226-2002 for information about the scholarships.

   The calendar is presently being sold at Barefoot Books, Pier Lounge or it can be purchased by calling the numbers above. With a small fee for shipping and handling, the calendar will be shipped all over the world.

   “The Calendar Girls Club’s hope is that you enjoy the calendar and help to make this dream of ‘Pirate and his Wenches’ come true,” stated the girls. So, purchase your calendar today and help “Dreams come true.”

   To become a sponsor for the 2007 calendar, kindly call the numbers above.

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