Belizean Entertainment films music video in San Pedro!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 42            October 27, 2005

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On Saturday, October 15th, 2005, Belize’s five-member Reggaeton band Belizean Entertainment, made waves in “La Isla Bonita” as they filmed their first music video.

   The sparkling waters of San Pedro Town were the perfect backdrop for the love story surrounding Belizean Entertainment’s hit single Suga Daddy Reggaeton Remix. This single is fresh off of their new release La Fundación de Reggaeton mix tape, which to date is creating quite a sensation. Over the weekend, shots were filmed in various locations across Ambergris Caye including Azul Resort/Rojo Lounge, Caramba and the beachfront at Big Daddy’s Nite Club.

   The video’s concept is the endless fight for love. Cita, Belizean Entertainment’s vocalist, is being courted in the video by the other four members of the band. With lyrics such as “Girl, estas clavado en mi corazón, para estar a tu lado es una bendición, para ti, baby, te dedico esta canción” (Girl, you are stuck in my heart, being by your side is a blessing, and to you, baby, I dedicate this song), Cita is incited into choosing one of the four guys vying for her love. Because of Ambergris Caye’s sensuality and Caribbean feel, Belizean Entertainment decided that this romantic retreat would convey the feelings of the video perfectly.

   In an interview with The San Pedro Sun, Producer and Artist, Amilcar “Belizeño” Vasquez stated that it was a truly unique experience accentuated by the island’s beauty and friendly people. “It was an experience that was one of a kind. Azul was such a wonderful place, we didn’t even want to come back home (laughs). The people especially Jeff and Vivian were so nice. It was the first time we have made a video, and after this experience, it surely won’t be our last. It was hectic, but every single minute was worth it. We thank all those who made this possible, and hope the people enjoy it, because all we do is for our fans… thanks.”

   The Suga Daddy Reggaeton Remix is proudly standing in the number one spot in More FM Top 10 Hits. The video is currently in the editing room and expected to be ready for airing by this weekend. Suga Daddy Reggaeton Remix will be aired by all major television stations across the country.

   For further information on Belizean Entertainment and schedule of where the band will make a fantastic appearance, kindly call (605) 1357 or (223) 3672.
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