Ghosts & Ghouls haunt San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 43            November 3, 2005

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San Pedro Town was once again invaded by ghosts, goblins, fairies, princesses and other wild, imaginative creatures for the festivities of All Hollow’s Eve. Lavish decorations adorned businesses such as the Holiday Hotel, the Pier Lounge and many other popular “haunts” for local ghouls.

   For children the fun started on Friday with the annual trick or treating drive through town. Children from all three pre-schools along with primary schools around the island had fun visiting establishments and houses chanting the ever-popular “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!”

   ABC Preschool held their annual Halloween Bazaar on Friday with loads of surprises and fun adventures for the tykes. The children enjoyed scaring each other and entertained themselves with games such as fishpond and tombola. Prizes were awarded to the following children in disguise: Most Creative – Hatching Egg – Osmar Vasquez; Original – Witches – Alexi Nuñez and Shaline Young; Funniest – Elvis Presley – Davin Marlow; Cutest – Butterfly – Kiryani Pou; Judges’ Favorite – Daughter of Fidel Castro – Melly Arana.

   Not even the adults could allow this frightening holiday to go by without donning their favorite costumes and having a howling good time. The night was spent imbibing bewitching concoctions at the Holiday Hotel’s Annual Halloween Festival. Donning their most grisly, gruesome, as well as sexy and elegant guises, specters, spirits of the dark, and fantasies came alive providing much entertainment during the night. Winning the Grand Prize for Most Creative, a roundtrip for one to the US sponsored by Continental Airlines, was Wil Alamilla, bedecked in a stylish Guatemalan seller outfit complete with a large cloth bag on his head and a baby strapped on his back. Other prizes were given as follows: Scariest – Resurrection Crew, Elegant – The Pimp (Alex Nuñez), Funniest – Buoy Man (Ismael Badillo), Group – Three Blonde Mice (Mary Hawthorne, Rebecca McDonald, Sheri Luepke) Judges’ Favorite – Female Pirate (Vianney Perez) and Manager’s Favorite – African Native.

   For those wishing a good scare, the Pier Lounge provided a good spot for shaking the socks off your feet. Prizes were also handed out at the fun-filled event. Winners included the Chic from Arabic (Linda Carter), the Scary Ghost and the Plug and Receptacle (Kristen and Bob).

   It was a frightfully good time for all the witches, wizards, zombies, devils and even cute fairies who enjoyed a howling good time at the many activities held at several locations around San Pedro Town. From all of us to all of you, here is hoping you had a Happy Halloween and scare you for next year’s events!
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