Construction of bridge finally begins!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 44            November 10, 2005

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Bridge construction is finally underway, ground has been broken and the project is expected to be complete within three months.

In an effort to make “La Isla Bonita” even more beautiful and accessible, the bridge project is finally under construction, after many years of planning. The newly fabricated bridge will make the lives of many a better one, as there will be easy access to cross to the north side of the island. As a result, the San Pedro Town Council is proud to announce that the bridge project has begun and will be ready for use in the coming months.

   According to the Area Representative, Manuel Heredia, “the bridge project is underway and as of Monday, the preliminary work had begun. Although the pre-fabricated bridge has not made its way to the island yet, the structure is said to arrive later this month.” It is made up of hot dipped galvanized steel, with a width of 24 feet and spans approximately 120 feet. The new bridge will include a separated path for bicycles and pedestrians. The bridge is also designed to accommodate a number of golf carts on opposite ends. The fee for golf carts crossing will remain in effect and the fee for bicycles crossing will be minimal. All tolls collected will go towards the building costs of the bridge, and once that expense has been paid the proceeds will go to the beautification of the Ambergris Caye.

   In the meantime, work has started and the roads have been blocked, but an alternate road that extends around the river is in place and already golf carts and pedestrians crossing can access the road. The community and tourists alike will benefit greatly with the completion of the bridge, as it will no longer delay anyone wishing to cross the cut. According to Heredia, the project, with labor included, is costing a whopping $300,000. Finance for the project is coming from Barry Bowen and will be paid back at a minimal interest rate. On behalf of the Area Representative Manuel Heredia, special thanks goes to Barry Bowen, for without his help none of this would be possible. The completion date of the bridge is uncertain, but the public will be advised on upcoming issues of the San Pedro Sun.
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