Contestants Prepare for Miss Garifuna Pageant

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 44            November 10, 2005

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Eden Velasquez

Bertha Lydia Calderon

Katnie Montero

Miriam Palacio

The National Garifuna Council proudly announces its slate of beautiful ladies vying for the title of Miss Garifuna. The San Pedro branch states that it in no way is it affiliated with the pageant taking place today, Thursday, November 10th.

   During the pageant the ladies will be judged on how eloquent they are in the Garinagu language, how well they perform the traditional dances and their overall knowledge of the culture.

   The four girls competing for the occasion are Miriam Palacio, Katnie Montero, Bertha Lydia Calderon, and Eden Velasquez. The San Pedro Sun met personally with the Miss Garifuna contestants to find out a little bit more information about them. The 2005 participants are:

   Miriam Palacio – 10-year-old Miriam is a Standard III student attending San Pedro Roman Catholic School. She was encouraged to join the pageant by her mother. On her free time, Miriam loves dancing. The reason why she chose to join the pageant is to learn more about her culture.

   Katnie Montero – Katnie is a 13-year-old who enjoys swimming in her free time. This Standard V student of San Pedro Roman Catholic School wants to promote her culture and as such entered the pageant. Katnie plans to take secretarial classes when she gets older as she wants to become an Executive Secretary.

   Bertha Lydia Calderon – Bertha is currently taking the Business courses at San Pedro High School. At 16-years-old, she enjoys dancing and playing soccer. She decided to join the pageant on her own as she would like to learn more about her culture. “I think to keep the culture growing, parents need to take an active role and teach their children what they know. That way the knowledge will be spread”

   Eden Velasquez – No stranger to the beauty pageant world, Eden participated in the Miss San Pedro competition in 2004 and was 1st runner up for the 2000 Miss San Pedro Garifuna Pageant. A very athletic young woman who enjoys soccer and dancing, Eden hopes to become a teacher because she admires the hard work and dedication it takes to provide students with an education, so they may become productive members of their community. She is currently attending Saint Peter’s College.

   The Pageant will take place on November 18th, 2005 at the Central Park. So, come out and support your favorite girl. Good Luck to all from The San Pedro Sun.
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