Calendar Girls working towards youth education in San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 48            December 8, 2005

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The building that was once known as the Teacher’s House has been torn down and will be rebuilt as classrooms.

Linda Carter and Jan Brown, 2 of the models, at the release party for the calendar created to raise funds for the school project. Calendars are still available for sale at $20.

In an effort to help the community youth get an education, the Calendar Girls Committee (CGC) have commenced on their initial plans to help the children of San Pedro.

   The CGC has been working laboriously to raise funds to accomplish their goals with several activities and events. With the money raised on advertising placements and calendar sales, the group hopes to help many children with school tuition (primary and high school), books, and uniforms. The club is committed at meeting its goals, and strongly believes that education is a number one concern all over the nation. Their first project is an addition of 3 to 6 classrooms for the San Pedro Roman Catholic School. Work began on Saturday, December 3rd, where volunteers and members of the community were asked to spare a few hours and help tear down what was left of the old building on the campus. In an interview with The Sun, Joyce Harris, Spokesperson for the CGC, stated, “we chose the RC school because it is a public school and they are in need of additional classrooms so as to have space for the children waiting to get into school. With this project, there will be more rooms for many more children to attend school and get a proper education, plus the classrooms will be less crowded.” Harris further stated that they have been working closely with the Mayor and the school, but it has certainly been a community effort. With the help of other businesses and donations from the community, the committee plans to help not only the RC school but other schools in San Pedro and around Belize, as well.

   The committee hopes that they can join forces with other organizations in an effort to speed and further expand the projects. One organization in particular, the San Pedro Social Club (SPSC) have considered and plan to help not only the girls, but other causes as well. President of the SPSC, Ernie Brannon stated, “our club is a Texas nonprofit organization and the clubs proceeds are used exclusively for the purposes of building and implementing a lunch program for the children attending San Pedro Elementary School and other such projects that the Board of Directors may determine will enhance and support the children of San Pedro.” The clubs initial plan was to build and implement a lunch program in the school, but was not readily accepted by the local community. Therefore, they have been considering other viable options to ensure that the funds raised to-date will be utilized to benefit the San Pedro elementary school children in a meaningful, needed and long lasting way. These are the projects which are being researched and considered by the board; (1) donating a specified amount of funds to the Calendar Girls project to assist in expanding the classrooms at the RC Elementary school, to accommodate the additional students; (2) provide lunch’s to those children who do not have the means or ability to do so themselves and (3) provide textbooks to ensure that each child has access to the materials the school requires in order to receive the best education possible.

   Both clubs are absolutely commended for their work and concern for the children of San Pedro and the community appreciates their every effort to make a positive change.

   Work on the expansion has ultimately began and the SPSC will pay for all the materials needed as well as assume responsibility to oversee the project until its completion. This weekend December 10th, the Calendar Girls extend a warm invitation to the public to support them in their efforts to raise funds. A Calendar Girls Gala will take place at Fido’s to start at 8:00p.m. until midnight. The gala evening is being sponsored by Fido’s and 20/20 band with several activities planned throughout the night including; calendar signing, dances and pictures with the models, 50/50 drawing, $5 shots, 10 limited calendars will be auctioned and many more. The community is asked to come out and support the gala; help the CGC reach their goals and make their dream for the children a reality. Anyone requesting anymore information or would like to become a volunteer for this weekends gala, can contact 226-3498, 602-1631 or 622-4110. The children are our future, let us come together so all the children could pursue an education and become aspiring leaders in the future.
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