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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 1            January 5, 2006

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The cover of DNA's new album, "Segundo Capitulo", which also features the voices of Claudia Haylock, Don Julio and Young Soldier.

A  fantastic way to begin the New Year is with nothing less than a boom or with explosive fireworks and that is exactly how DNA is opening 2006. Their high energy, fantastic beats and lively tempo has been packed into their second release titled Segundo Capitulo which debuted with a bang yesterday, Thursday, January 5th, 2006.

   In their second hip-swiveling compact disc, DNA sways a little more to the popular Reggaeton mix. “This album has a little more Dancehall, with quite a bit of Jamaican influence,” stated Alex Noralez. In this album, the voices of Claudia Haylock, Don Julio and Young Soldier are also featured.

   Segundo Capitulo was written, produced and recorded by all three members of the group, David Aguilar, Nestor Rivero, and Alex Noralez. All 11 brand new, sure-to-be-hits were recorded in San Pedro Town at David’s home studio.

   The San Pedro Sun’s Kainie Manuel sat down with the members to get a little more up-close-and-personal information from them:

SPSun: Segundo Capitulo – after taking a break was it difficult to get back in the groove of things?

DNA: Talent has always been there, it’s just that we live apart and it has been difficult to get together but now that we have taken care of that be sure to expect a lot more from up we are here to stay.

SPSun: How different is this disc compared to the first release?

DNA: We believe that this album is very special for us, has brought us once more together to do what we love and that is to write music. Plus we are introducing new talent as well.

SPSun: DNA, aside from the first initial of your names – what else does it stand for?

DNA: Music, that is what we have in our blood. It binds us so close together and that is what we wish to do the rest of our lives.

SPSun: Official launching of the CD; when and where?

DNA: We released the CD on the air waves of the Reef Radio on Thursday and are working on a performance.

SPSun: Where is the CD going to be sold?

DNA: To start of with, we will be going around selling but I am sure that we will have them in our local and national stores.

SPSun: How about a national tour?

DNA: All that is in the working process we will make sure to keep you all informed.

SPSun: Do you have any performances booked for the near future where the audience can listen and watch you perform?

DNA: We have been receiving calls but the dates have not been set as yet.

   Well DNA is here to stay and with many more performances scheduled for this year, the three talented musicians are more than ready to make their mark in Belize. Segundo Capitulo get your copy today!

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