Lions club host Past International President, Dr. Clement Kusiak

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 6            February 8, 2006

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Dr. Kusiak visited schools countrywide to see the progress of the Lions Quest Program. Another of his stops included the San Pedro Lions Den, where he was treated to special night, a social whereby the focus was the Lions Quest Program.

Saturday, February 4th, the San Pedro Lions Club held a social at the Lions Den where they hosted a most distinguished guest from the Lions Club International, Lion Dr. Clement Kusiak, who is the immediate Past International President and person in charge of the Lions Quest Youth Program. Kusiak was joined by his wife Jeanne Kusiak, Zone Chairman 59, Bobby Lopez, Lions President Isela Graniel, Lion Milo Paz Jr. past district governors and Lion members during the evening event that focused on the Lion’s Quest Program. The guests and members were delighted with a special dinner served by the generous people at the Belize Bank Limited and then Master Of Ceremonies, Lion Angel Nuñez initiated the social. Nuñez called upon Lion Carlos Guzman to the podium for the opening remarks.

   Guzman acknowledged the guests and members and stated, “There is no doubt in my mind that with this project there will be a radical transformation in the pattern of youth’s progress in San Pedro.” The program has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education and has provided some funds towards the project. “The Lion’s Quest Program is to provide some much needed textbooks to the first form classes of the 10 schools chosen in Belize, including San Pedro and Caye Caulker. Belize is being piloted for the first time,” stated Nuñez. The focus and mission was to launch a pilot project, with the joint participation of the Ministry of Education, and the Lions of Belize, working with schools, parents and students while providing materials and training in life skills/character education, build self-esteem and developing a drafted curriculum. This worldwide pilot project will target young adolescents in ten schools in Belize and if successful, will gradually include all schools nationwide. The Quest program is already helping 1,200 out of 87,000 children with the resources like textbooks.

   With the Lion’s Quest Program, they believe that they can make a positive change and stimulate the minds of our young Belizean nation. Dr. Clement Kusiak, was called to the podium to address those gathered on the program’s progress. “My reason for being here is to recognize the club for 30 years of service to the island of San Pedro. Next, to congratulate the club for its continued excellence in serving and representing the community well, and lastly to review the progress of the pilot project. I believe this program will help the youths in many ways to build self-esteem and develop a sense of being, whilst broadening their horizons.” He further stated that the program will be vital in the community as it provides a place for the youths to stay occupied and grow with healthy minds. “The program is a magnificent effort for the club to undertake, but if we work together as one force we can accomplish these goals.” Kusiak went on to say, “The vision to bring a group of individuals together to serve the community and provide the needed assistance to have the resources for the youths is absolutely beneficial and I applaud your every effort.” The Lion’s Quest Program is designed to assist young people in searching for and reviving those skills, which are vital to their very survival. Through its various steps, individuals will master key concepts and develop a positive attitude embodied in the service to community principle. They will begin to value themselves and others thereby making only those decisions that would enhance their goals.

   Those present were also kept entertained with great food, cold drinks, special performances from the San Pedro Dance Company and skits from the primary school children.

   Dr. Kusiak is also the Chairman of the LCIF (Lions Club International Foundation), he arrived on February 3rd where he was hosted by the Belize City Lions Club, and then hosted in the San Estevan Village in the Orange Walk District. He was given a grand tour of the Lions facilities before returning to the United States. With the grand assistance that the Lions Clubs in the country are making toward the youth, it is certain that the rewards will be grand. Kudos to all Lion members involved!
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