Central Park to undergo major renovations

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 7            February 15, 2006

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Central Park is now under renovations.

The Plans for the San Pedro Central Park.

On Thursday, the big bulldozer right in the middle of Central Park piqued everyone’s curiosity, and once the bulldozer got to work, many questions were raised. Some were infuriated by the apparent destruction of Central Park especially with it being peak tourism season, while others welcomed the work and anxiously await the finished result.

   The renovations being carried out at Central Park are part of the plan presented to the general public in 1994 under the guidance of Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., who at the time was Mayor of San Pedro Town. Work at Central Park commenced months ago, first with the cobble stoning of a section of the park and the addition of the tourist information booth, secondly was the break down of the cement bleachers and the addition of the benches along with the new and improved play set and now the Central Park renovations have reached its third phase.

   Phase 3 includes the removal of the concrete court area and stage and replacing it with cobblestones. Removable shades, another children’s playground and an attractive fountain will also form part of the new and improved Central Park.

   This phase of the renovations is being made possible by the San Pedro Town Council and the assistance of Atlantic Bank Limited. Expected time of completion for this phase is two weeks. Following this phase, San Pedro will boast a highly attractive recreational area (park) for entire families to enjoy.

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