SP Dance Company Kicks off Carnaval 2006!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 9            March 1, 2006

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The San Pedro Dance Company blew the crowd away with several exceptional performances.

Hundreds of people eagerly came out to the old football field to witness members of the San Pedro Dance Company showoff their skills on the opening night of Carnaval 2006. The country of Belize celebrates Carnaval, but nowhere else throbs quite like San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye. The San Pedro Dance Company held a special presentation last Saturday to kick off the annual three days of carnival, traditionally held the weekend prior to the Lenten Season. The show, like all performances by the Dance Company was one that showcased exceptional talent, discipline and overall top-quality entertainment.

   Master of Ceremonies was Angel Nuñez, who welcomed the crowd and thanked them for coming out and supporting the company. In the opening act, the seniors took it back to the 80’s with a “knocking on wood” presentation that blew the audience away. Next, were the toddlers making a dash to the stage and performed a “Wine di waist” choreography that brought the audience to their feet. That number was followed by a performance from the Junior team where they did a unique rendition of “Cuba Libre” with exceptional choreographed dance steps. Other performances included a “Filipino” hip-hop number, mambo, an 80’s piece of “that’s the way I like it”, and from Brazil, a delightful samba dance.

   As an added bonus, the Sandungeros were also on hand for a special performance where they entertained the crowd with several choreographed dance hits from the uprising DNA band. In the grand finale the entire dance company performed their final selection, fully attired in bright and vibrant colored costumes depicting the annual carnival traditions. The carnival is a time for grown-ups to behave like kids and indulge in a series of practical jokes, and everyone attempts to cover each other in a cocktail of lipstick, paint and colored powder. The final day is also the official day and the aim of the game is to “paint” as many people as possible - a custom rooted in the universal carnival tradition of disguise and role transformations. A kaleidoscope of colors filled the stage and it proved successful as the crowd got more than they bargained for. DJ Unknown then took over to entertain the mass with his fast thumping beats.

   Kudos to the San Pedro Dance Company for putting on an exceptional show. Special thank you’s are extended to everyone that helped the company in one way or the other ensuring its success.

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