9th La Ruta Maya Challenge Recap

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 10            March 8, 2006

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The Big Winners of te Ruta Maya Challenge were the Belize Bank Crew, who shattered last year's record with a total elapsed time of 17:50:23

The 9th Ruta Maya River challenge culminated on Baron Bliss day with a blockbuster finish at the BelCan Bridge in Belize City. Hundreds of fans, spectators and sports enthusiasts came out to catch a glimpse of the race and at the end, the mighty Belize Bank crew cruised passed the line with the best total time of 17:50:23 in the male division. Here are the race results for the rest of the divisions; taking second place in the male category was “Bounce Dis” with a time of 17:51:42, “Team Atlantic” placed third with 17:52:00, “Agrotech and Hardware” fourth with an elapsed time of 18:16:16, and “Boomers” with a time of 18:20:54 to round off the top five. Turning to the female division, the thriving “Playerade” team placed first with a time of 20:01:26 and a close second was “UB Koop Sheet Metal Lady” with a time of 23:56:02. An honourable mention went to the “Chorro Crew” from the female category where they had a 50-year-old veteran, Debbie Jorgenson along with her daughters who completed the race. The “US Embassy” team placed first in the mixed division with a time of 19:23:53, “Team Snickers” took the big title for the masters division with an elapsed time of 19:57:10. Next up was “3 CB’S” to take the dory competition with a time of 20:55:04, “UB Pact Environmental” placed first in the intramural with 19:44:33. Last but not least, the pleasure craft division was won by Hot Mama’s “Buffalo Soldiers” with a time of 21:10:07. Along the race, several station prizes were awarded to different teams and of course big prizes were presented to the winners in all of the categories.

   The event was one of the best, with many records broken. Nevertheless it was a valiant effort from all who participated in the challenge. Congrats to the big winners “Belize Bank” for putting on a show like no other. Also, much respect to all participants, organizers and fans for making the event an annual classic tradition. For a complete look of the results, log on to www.larutamayabelize.com for all the statistics.

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