Will & Dale release New CD!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 10            March 8, 2006

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Wil and Dale released a new CD celebrating 30 years of playing music together.

With 30 years of performing together, Wil and Dale have certainly made their mark on “Live” music in Ambergris Caye. To properly celebrate what started as a couple of friends having fun, the duo has released their fifth work of musical art.

   Wil’s keyboard playing, along with Dale’s guitar are sure to delight tourist and locals alike. This collection of “visitor’s faves” surely make a great souvenir to take back home but are also fantastic tunes to listen to while relaxing at home.

   Tunes such as La Bamba, Oye Como Va, Piel Canela, are only three of the tracks that will definitely persuade anyone to return to the shores of Ambergris Caye. The compact disc has 15 songs that will undoubtedly bring back delightful memories of San Pedro Town.

   “This is certainly not the last you will hear of Wil and Dale,” stated Dale from his home. “We love what we do; we would not do it otherwise. This is why we are still here, we enjoy delighting a crowd. We are planning another album which will be recorded at the new, professional Mata Grande Studios.”

   The front cover of the CD definitely brings back memories for the two seasoned artists. “The picture on the front is part of a mural at Fido’s Courtyard, which is where we used to play 30 years ago. The dory pictured in the front is one that can still be seen at the entrance of the courtyard. The inside shot was taken in 1975 at Fido’s, as well,” commented Dale. The cover picture was taken by Belicolor and the layout and design was created by Mousepad.

   “This album was created to celebrate our 30th anniversary and Wil and I dedicated it to our loving wives, Virginia Wallace and Sandra Nuñez for their patience during all these years.”

   Wil and Dale can be seen and heard live, at Ramon’s Village on Tuesdays and Fridays and at the Holiday Hotel on Wednesdays. Their latest creation can be purchased at while they play or can be bought directly from Dale by calling 206-2445.

   Happy 30th Anniversary, Wil and Dale!

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