Calendar Girls Auction Very Successful

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 11            March 15, 2006

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The lovely calendar girls surround fun & friendly Chucky Lara for a photo op at the auction held at BC’s Bar & Grill. The auction is one of many activities in the ongoing fundraising for the education of San Pedro children.

It came as no surprise that the Paisano chair drew the highest bid at the auction. The chair had a special significance, as many were fond of the late Paisano.

Casey Moore strummed his banjo during the auction, which featured a chair adorned with his likeness as one of the local “celebrities” of San Pedro.

On Sunday afternoon the now legendary “Calendar Girls” once again joined forces with other generous community members to hold a fund raising event that not only raised money for their worthy, charitable cause, but proved to be a grand time for all those who attended the beachside bash.

   The festivities took place at the one and only BC’s Bar and Grill where a much anticipated auction was held. For the last few weeks people from all over the world have been able to bid, via the internet, on one-of-a-kind hand painted chairs. The chairs, which came from the local landmark, the “Hideaway Lounge”, where created years ago by Joyce Harris, who painted the likeness of local personalities such as Trish Carter, Norman, Casey, Charlene Woods, and Paisano. These chairs represent a part of Ambergris Caye’s history, and along with other miscellaneous items, were donated to be auctioned in order to raise funds for the new schoolrooms that the Calendar Girls have been arduously working towards getting for the community of San Pedro.

   The crowd at BC’s was in a festive mood and were entertained by local musicians Dennis Wolfe, Dale Wallace, Casey Moore and other talented folks. Ernie Brannon was the guest auctioneer and the lovely calendar girl, Jan Brown, gracefully solicited the auction items in a classic “Vanna White” style for the crowd to admire and bid on. The excitement mounted as the coveted chairs finally came to the “auction block.” It was no surprise that the Paisano chair drew the biggest bid, when Pete Miron walked away with the prized possession for a mere $2,500!

   By the end of the day a total of $8,370 was raised. The Calendar Girls would like to extend a huge thanks to everyone involved in making the event a success, and a special thank you goes to Ernie Brannon for coming all the way from Texas, USA to be the auctioneer. The San Pedro Sun congratulates the valiant efforts of the Calendar Girls and encourages all to contribute to and support their important efforts.
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