Child Stimulation Month at ABC Pre-School

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 13            March 30, 2006

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Earlier in the month, ABC Pre-schoolers were taken out to the field for a fun day out.
Parents and grandparents were invited to partake in the month's activities by coming to class with the pre-schoolers and creating a fun art project!

An Art Exhibit showcasing the creativity and hard work of both students and their families was on display at the ABC Pre-School.

This week marks the culmination of the Child Stimulation month in Belize and schools around the nation are still hosting many events and activities for the children. This week, the schools celebrated family week and some of the events included an art exhibit at the ABC Pre-school campus.

   On Monday, the pre-school kicked things off with an art exhibit at the school campus. The children were all given an assignment and they had to make a project that involved the participation of their families. The exhibit showcased the hard work and most of the finish products were exceptional and creative. They let their imagination run wild with creativity; they had colorful farms with livestock, marine creatures, parks and many more models. Families had the opportunity to show off their projects and compare with the others.

   Stimulation month is designed in a way that allows the community to appreciate and learn about how pre-schools function and that they form the most important stage in the formation of a child’s character and identity.

   During the course of the week, the pre-schoolers will visit many important establishments of the community including; the fire station, police station, Town Hall, Water Factory, and the Polyclinic II. The month’s activities will end with a parade through the streets of San Pedro on Thursday, March 30th and the three pre-schools will be participating. On Friday, the stimulation month officially ends with several guest speakers coming in and talking to the children on several important issues.

   The ABC Pre-school would like to take the opportunity to thank the parents for a job well done, the community and teachers that made Child Stimulation month such a success.
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