Don Julio to release album
Young Soldier Produces

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 17            April 27, 2006

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Producer Young Soldier and Don Julio are collaborating to create a fresh new album.

Following in the footsteps of the big “cangris” such as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, and the famed Aventura, is a local talent known to all as Don Julio. With his compact disc in the works, Don Julio is not only ready to take over Belize but the rest of the world, as well.

   Julio Roberto Sosa, originally from Guatemala, began appreciating and loving the Reggaeton genre from his cousin, Raul Omar Obando, one of the first Reggaeton pioneers in the country of Belize. From the time Don Julio was in high school he began composing and was featured in Raul’s productions.

   Don Julio continued his studies while he worked part time. This arrangement unfortunately left him hardly any time to follow his musical career. Arriving in San Pedro Town on January 28th, 2002, Don Julio’s fire for being in front of a “mic” could not be extinguished, so he found work as a disc jockey for the Reef Radio, a position he holds today. In the short time he has been on the island he has made countless friends in the community he now calls home. Included among these friends are the rising stars, DNA, who recently released their latest production, entitled Segundo Capitulo. It is in this musical hit that Don Julio’s talents were made known to the entire country. He was featured on the compact disc on two of its 11 tracks – Una vez mas and You are the one. However, not only did Don Julio sing on the album, but his high energy was made visible when he performed alongside the trio. Their latest performance was with Baby Rasta at San Pedro’s Old Football Field, but he has also flamed stages across the country at Jaguar’s Temple Night Club, Orange Walk with La Cripta, and Leal-J’s Memorial Concert with Belizean Entertainment in San Ignacio, Cayo.

   Working on the Segundo Capitulo album, Don Julio had his first opportunity to work with talented “Young Soldier”, Javier Romero. The two got along so well that Young Soldier is the producer of Don Julio’s first solo album. Young Soldier was actually the first person on the island to install a recording studio. Under the name of Warrior Records, Young Soldier has produced and/or recorded albums for Shalom, LSD, Continental Cat and Jimmy Polonio/Nelson. With his great experience, Young Soldier has been a great asset in the compiling of Don Julio’s album. The two have written all the songs on the album which is expected to drop in two months. “This new album is a terrific infusion. An infusion because my background is Reggaeton that is what I love, Young Soldier, on the other hand, is known for his R&B and hip hop. Together we have been able to come up with a great blend of the three along with incorporating the Bachata style Reggaeton,” commented Don Julio to The San Pedro Sun. The album is expected to have 17 original hits, some of which will be great remixes of favorite songs. These 17 songs will have special guest features, such as Young Soldier, who is also the lead singer of the San Pedro High School band, DJ BC (Jamir Gillett), Ralf from Base Impact, Cita from Belizean Entertainment, Super G and of course DNA, who support Don Julio unconditionally.

   “I am excited about this album; I just hope everyone enjoys it as much as I am enjoying putting it together,” commented Don Julio. And, how could one not enjoy it with lyrics such as “Porque dime porque tuvo que terminar, […] yo se nena que no podemos continuar pero el día llegara en que te vuelva a encontrar” (Why, tell me why it had to end, […] I know baby girl that we can’t go on but the day will come when we will meet again), from one of the singles entitled “Porque”. Another selection is “Acuérdate” a wonderful inspiration by Young Soldier, both sure to be #1 hits as soon as they make it on the air waves.

   Don Julio’s first appearance was at the Reef Radio’s Good Morning San Pedro Show today Thursday. From this performance, one knows that the only way Don Julio has to go is up. “I know that the musical career is by far not the easiest but I know that it helps when you have support from people around you. I would like to thank Young Soldier for his help, Franco DJ, DJ Mauricio, DNA, Super Mario, Dr. Giovannie Solorzano, Eiden Salazar, Luis Romero and the entire Reef Radio staff, plus Alberto Nuñez, who helped me with some of the beats. Thanks to everyone for their help, and for those I forgot I am sorry.”

   Reggaeton has been hitting the musical world like a ton of bricks and will certainly carve a permanent place in musical history. With his lyrical skills, beats, personality and versatility, we can be certain that Don Julio will be there among the best of them.
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