Saga Society reaches target goal

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 17            April 27, 2006

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On Sunday, April 16th, the Saga Society held its first annual Easter Raffle at the BC’s Bar and Grill as part of their “Hundred Days for a hundred Neuters/Spays Campaign”. Throughout the day’s event, the society managed to raise a total of $1,400.

   The monies composed will go towards the previous goal set in the beginning of the campaign. Every week a “doggie meter” was used in The Sun, to show the amount raised in each week and now with this fundraiser the target of $4,000 has been met. A visitor to the island made a liberal offer to Saga to raise that amount of money which she would match if raised by June 24th. Now with the achieved goal, the visitor will match that amount in an effort to neuter and spay a hundred cats and dogs.

   The Saga Society would like to take the opportunity to thank the public and everybody that assisted in the campaign and made the target goal possible.
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