Motherís Day Gala Held

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 19            May 11, 2006

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Mother of the Year 2006, Angelita Guerrero proudly accepted her title.

The adult jokes from Chonita and MacíTa had everyone bursting at the seams with laughter.

The San Pedro Dance Company wowed the mothers with their moves and talent!

Directly from Buenos Aires, Argentina, The Mauri Show, entertained all, especially when he juggled his fire sticks.

Doris Bethís impersonation of Ana Gabriel was wonderful as she sang fantastic selections of the Mexican superstar.

Mothers of San Pedro Town were honored at a fabulous get together arranged by the San Pedro Town Council. On Saturday, May 6th, 2006, mothers of ďLa Isla BonitaĒ convened at Central Park where the grand celebration was scheduled to take place.

    Upon entering the gate, mothers received a beautiful rose pin and a raffle ticket, which at the end of night had 10 lucky mothers winning fantastic prizes. Reef Radioís very own Luis Romero was Master of Ceremonies, and he did a fantastic job in keeping the mothers in good spirits.

   To get the night started Father Jim Blount blessed all mothers as he led a prayer in their honor. Her Worship Mayor Elsa Paz then took to the stage and dedicated a poem to the lovely ladies in attendance.

    The night was not without fantastic entertainment, as the girls from the San Pedro Dance Company delighted the crowd with their rendition of Celine Dionís Mama. The mini- Barbieís from Barbaraís Dance Group were also present entertaining all those gathered.

   The juggling expertise of Mauri directly from Buenos Aires, Argentina, was truly fantastic and he amazed every one in attendance. He not only had everyone looking up to the air to see where the objects flew but had great jokes to accompany the show.

   Throughout the night, beautifully wrapped gifts were handed out to various mothers in categories such as the mother with the longest hair, or the oldest mother in attendance, the mother of twins, or three generations of mothers in attendance. The biggest award and honor given was the title of the Mother of the Year award which was one by Angelita Guerrero, the proud mother of six children, Ramon Guerrero, Councilor Severo Guerrero, Amelia NuŮez, Mireya Molina, Angelita NuŮez and Lourdes Ventura. Aside from winning the coveted title and crown, Mrs. Guerrero took home fabulous prizes.

   Mothers were treated with a delicious turkey dinner and cake accompanied by rum punch. All the ladies enjoyed their meal!

   Other entertainment of the night included the great jokes of Chonita and MacíTa. Their adult humor was enjoyed by all the mothers as was their dancing and singing. Chonita and Mac Ta are great entertainers who hailed directly from Merida, Yucatan where they perform at Los Tuchos. Their traditional clothing displayed their Mexican pride but yet they spoke of their love for the country of Belize and the beautiful island of San Pedro.

   The awaited performance of the night came from the twin voice of Ana Gabriel, Doris Beth. Dressed in an elegant red suit, Doris Beth, sang Ana Gabrielís greatest hits such as Luna and Quien Como Tķ.

   Taking the party into the wee hours of the morning was the Lions Club very own, Rompe Raja.

   The organizers of this special Motherís Day Celebration 2006 would like to thank all the sponsors, entertainers and volunteers who made this yearís spectacular event an unforgettable and magical one!
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