Knockout Boxing Action!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 22            May 31, 2006

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The first fight featured Jason Sutherland (CC - Right) and Jeffrey Eiley (SP - Left), that Sutherland won by a unanimous decision.

The main event was a battle between Karl Ramos and Omonyni Moses. Moses won by TKO.

On Sunday, San Pedro hosted live amateur boxing at the sports complex when boxers from Caye Caulker went head to head to challenge the San Pedro boxers. The stage was set for the big night as fans got more than their money’s worth, as five exciting and physical bouts were held. If you missed anything, you are in luck, here are the results of the bouts.

   The team of officials include: Javier Zuniga who was the ringside physician; time keeper and bellman was Cyril Avarez, Judges were Harrison Mariano, Dornecia Robateau and Douglas Roberts, and the referees were Mike Carter, Hildabert Lynch and John Gough.

   The first fight was scheduled between Jason Sutherland (160lbs) of Caye Caulker and Jeffery Eiley (158lbs) of San Pedro. At the end of three rounds, Sutherland managed to get a huge win and won in a unanimous decision. The second fight was between Jimmy Polonio (162lbs) who wore black trunks and Pem Castillo (165lbs) who wore white trunks and represented Caye Caulker. The bout was refereed by Mike Carter and after three rounds of boxing, Jimmy Polonio won in a split decision. Fight three was intense and the first fight that ended in a knock out. Aaron “Flaco” Cruz (158lbs) of San Pedro, wore blue trunks and Jacob Cabral (160lbs) in grey trunks represented Caye Caulker. It was scheduled for four rounds of boxing, but after one minute and 35 seconds in the second round, Flaco won by TKO. In match four, Robert “Rodman” Hyde (140lbs) who wore blue trunks of San Pedro faced off against Ralph Flores (140lbs) who wore grey trunks. At the end of four rounds, Robert “Rodman” Hyde won by a unanimous decision.

   For the main event, the fifth fight was anticipated by many as a great match up between the two and a re-match of the last time they met in the ring. Omonyni Moses (157lbs) who wore white and red trunks faced off against Karl Ramos (155lbs) who wore military trunks and represented Caye Caulker. The game was refereed by John Gough. It was scheduled for four rounds of great boxing, but things took a sudden turn when Ramos forfeited himself after a knock out by Moses. This fight brought the crowd to its feet and the roaring screams and shouts echoed through the arena. The Judges then made their decision and resulted in a win for Omonyni Moses who won by TKO. San Pedro boxers dominated in this first event winning four out of five fights. Big up guys, you all were fantastic in showcasing your talents and represented for San Pedro to the fullest.

   A special thanks to the San Pedro Town Council for being the main sponsors and coordinator of the event. Also, special thanks goes out to all the businesses and fans that made this great boxing event a memorable one.
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