“Three Sheets” films in San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 25            June 22, 2006

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A visitor to San Pedro shows the Three Sheets crew his special skill of drinking a beer while standing on his head at BC’s Beach Bar and Grill! (Photo courtesy – Brent Toombs of Oxa Productions)

“Three Sheets” Host, Zane Lamprey, cheers on the roster while cameraman Curtis Marlowe captures the action at The Pier Lounge Chicken Drop. (Photo courtesy – Brent Toombs of Oxa Productions)

"Three Sheets” is a common term used to describe a sail boat whose sails are not properly tied down. Needless to say, the sails are usually flapping around in the wind and beat without a direction. These sailboats were often said to be going “three sheets to the wind.” A phrase that is now used to describe the way a drunken person wanders around.

    This weekend, Three Sheets visited the island; an unconventional travel series, hosted by comedian Zane Lamprey, who takes viewers on various trips around the world. However, this show is not your regular travel series. This show aims to indulge in the local drinking customs and traditions around the world. From Dublin and Wales to Mexico and Brazil and now Belize, people can take a glance at what other countries drink, how they drink it and what it means to their culture from the comfort of their own home and without getting “three sheets to the wind.”

    This past weekend, the film crew visited Ambergris Caye and enjoyed the fine drinks and great entertainment provided at several of the local “watering holes.” The Pier Lounge put together a special Chicken Drop, complete with Pica the fire twirler, while Chef Amy Knox of Wild Mangoes taught host Zane how to make a mean lobster ceviche and bartender Trevor Del Valle cooled Zane’s thirst with a mighty Mojito. Other places featured were Wet Willy’s, BC’s for their fantastic Sunday Barbecue, Cholo’s Sports Bar and Maruba Resort, Altun Ha and of course, no drinking trip would be complete without a visit to the Belikin Brewery in the mainland.

    Three Sheets was produced by Screaming Flea Production which is an award winning television company that specializes in non-fiction, documentary, entertainment, and corporate production based out of Seattle, Washington. The series airs on iNDEMAND. Local coordinator for the program was Brent Toombs of Oxa Productions.

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