El Pescador hosts Fly Casting Competition

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 26            June 29, 2006

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Fly casting quickly went head to head in the distance category!

Hitting targets proved to be a fun challenge for all.

Winner Nesto Gomez and Ali Flota (of El Pescador).

On Saturday, June 24th, fly fishing guides flocked to El Pescador resort for its 3rd Annual Fly Casting Competition that was held. A total of 9 fly fishing guides went head to head in two rounds of competition, and this year Nesto Gomez proved to be undefeated once again; here is a recap of the games.

   The competition kicked off at 3:30p.m., round one was based on distance and 9 guides tried their best to cast their rods the furthest in three attempts. The guides stood on the docks and took turns casting their reels to markers that were set up on the beach. In round two, guides had the task to put their accuracy skills to test as three squared boxes that worked as markers were laid apart from each other on the sandy beach. After two tough rounds of competition, fans, officials and guides were left waiting the announcement of the day’s winners.

    In the distance category, Co Vermeuleu took third, Luis Paz placed second and Erlindo Graniel won first place. In the accuracy round, Co Vermeuleu and Jack Scaife tied for third place, Luis Paz took second and Nesto Gomez with an impressive round took first place with 140 points. Lastly, the overall winners of the competition were announced, Mario Graniel took fifth place, Co Vermeuleu placed fourth, Erlindo Graniel took third, a close second went to Luis Paz with a two point difference and first was no other than Nesto Gomez. Nesto has won the fly casting competition for two years consecutively and continues to hold the title as the best fly casting guide. All winners received a prize package filled with useful fishing tools, caps, protective eye gear and more.

   El Pescador takes the time to thank everyone that made it over for the event and all guides for their participation in the competition.

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