Mundialito and Senior games come to an end

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 26            June 29, 2006

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Team Argentina (boys) placed 1st in Mundialito.

The Germany girls won 1st place.

Captain Shark’s veterans were unstoppable and took the trophy for 1st place.

Luis Uribio won most goals scored and Jarbi Alvarez was MVP.

The Mundialito and senior games concluded last weekend at the Ambergris Stadium, and what a tremendous finish it was. The Sun was on hand to witness the great football matches and a trophy ceremony that was held after to award its most talented players, here is how it went down.

   Despite the unpredictable weather, the games carried on, with game one being a match between the girl teams, Germany took on Brazil and at the end of regulation it was a scoreless game 0-0. However, it was the last of a four game series and Germany won with a 1-0 goal aggregate. Brazil played their best and settled for a close second place in the tournament. Over at the boys’ matches, Mexico and Ecuador played for third and fourth places and at the end of regulation the game was tied at 1-1. Therefore, penalty kicks were next up and Mexico triumphed, scoring 4 goals and Ecuador 2. In game two, Argentina and Korea went head to head for first and second place respectively. The game ended in a 1-1 draw and penalty kicks were up nest. It was an exciting finish as Argentina scored 3 goals and Korea scored 2, making team Argentina the mundialito champions.

   Let’s take a look at the veterans football tournament; the match for third and fourth place was forfeited by Belizean Shores and SP Wings. Then, the match for first and second place was more than fans bargained for, as it was a tough battle for the top spot. The game was between the mighty Captain Shark veterans and the bad boys of Boat Yard. A battle ensued as both teams played their hardest and at the end of regulation Captain Sharks veterans was too much to handle for Boat Yard as they succumbed to a 2-0 loss. So, after all is said and done the Captain Sharks football club were crowned kings of field and received major bragging rights as victors. After the games, a trophy ceremony were held to award the tournament winners, here is a look at the winners.

   We kick things off with the girls division; Sheila of team Germany took Best Keeper award, Robin of Argentina took the Most Goals Scored award and Most Valuable Player award was received by Martha Haylock of Argentina. For the boys, Most goals scored was won by Carlos Garcia of team Argentina, Best Keeper was Ricky Luna and Most Valuable Player was no other than Carlos Garcia. Let’s flip the page to the veterans’ awards; Best Keeper was won by Doug Penel of team Belizean Shores, Most Valuable Player was received by Jarvi Velasquez and Most Goals Scored was given to Luis “Wicho” Uribio with a total of 14 goals scored in the tournament, WOW! Other trophies were given out to teams and players for the marathon tournament that was held.

   With the competition over, the football season proved a success. The San Pedro veterans’ football club would like to take the time and thank the businesses, SPTC, Captain Sharks, and everybody that contributed in any way to make it such a great tournament. It was a season filled with energetic kids and veteran adults enjoying the greatest game ever created; congratulations to all teams and this year’s champs for a most outstanding season.
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