San Pedro Celebrates Noche San Pedrana!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 31            August 3, 2006

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The beautiful contestants looked on as different entertainers took the stage.

Pageant beauties share a bit of their country’s culture with the crowd through a gift giving presentation to Mayor Elsa Paz. Above, Anahir Rochas of Nicaragua presents her gift.

Lucky DNA member Alex Noralez got to enjoy a little one-on-one dance action with each of the girls. Here he is pictured “wining” down with Miss Mexico, Cindy Cajuste.

Mel Spain happily joined the Queen of Brukdown, Leela Vernon, and they both danced up a storm!

On Saturday night, sponsors of Costa Maya, Reina de la Costa Maya contestants and special guests were treated to a night of entertainment, food and cultural exchange. The lovely “Noche San Pedrana” evening is an annual tradition to formally greet the Reina de la Costa Maya participants and to honor the sponsors who are so essential to the success of the four day event.

    This year’s event was held at the Exotic Caye Resort. Their spacious beachfront was the perfect place for a proper island celebration, and the grounds were decorated with linen clad tables and tropical flora. The Costa Maya committee paid special care to all things Belizean, and the dinner meal was a traditional barbeque with all the delicious foods we are proud to share with guests.

    Prior to the meal each Reina de la Costa Maya contestant was graciously introduced to the crowd where the guests greeted them with warm, welcoming applause. The lovely ladies, Miss Belize – Ninfa Juan, Miss Costa Rica – Belgica Arias, Miss Honduras – Lissa Saenz, Miss El Salvador – Teresita Gomez, Miss Nicaragua – Anahir Rocha, and Miss Mexico – Cindy Cajuste joined Miss San Pedro– Letty Lara and Mayor Elsa Paz at the table of honor.

    After a fabulous dinner it was time for the entertainment, and Leela Vernon, the Queen of Brukdown, delighted the crowd with her energetic song and dance. Ms. Vernon, a true ambassador of Belizean music and culture, was the perfect entertainer to amuse the group while enthusiastically demonstrating the unique style of Brukdown dancing and contagious Belizean beats. The crowd of all ages enjoyed the infectious groove! The music continued as local San Pedro entertainers, DNA then took the stage. Alex Noralez, the “A” in DNA, encouraged the beauty queens to join him in dance, the ladies could not resist the invitation and were soon up and dancing along with him. Alex was lucky enough to have a little one-on-one dance with some of the elegant women, while much of the crowd cheered him on in delight. It was grand entertainment and a pleasure for all.

    As soon as the music performance ended it was time for the Reina de la Costa Maya beauties to share a bit of their countries culture with the crowd through a gift giving presentation to Mayor Elsa Paz. In front of the crowd the beautiful and elegant ladies gathered to individually explain the cultural significance of their gift as Mayor Paz looked on. It was a wonderful way for each contestant to share a bit of culture from their home country, as each unique gift was graciously accepted by her Worship.

    Leela Vernon then returned to the stage with her up-beat entertainment. It was time for the crowd to join the fun and many individuals took the opportunity to get up and share a groove with the Queen of Brukdown. It was great fun to see familiar faces gettin’ down with Ms. Vernon, and all were amused by the sight of friends enjoying themselves while dancing the night away.

    Congratulations to the Costa Maya committee for hosting a grand welcome for our Reina de la Costa Maya guests and recognizing the friends of Costa Maya. Here’s to a wonderful Festival!
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