The Pier Lounge Celebrates the 18th Anniversary of the Chicken Drop!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 32            August 10, 2006

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O n Wednesday, the Pier Lounge was alive with enthusiastic tourists and locals to celebrate the establishment’s 18th anniversary of the World’s famous Chicken Drop.

   This wacky tradition has been one of the most famous events held in San Pedro on Wednesday nights. But on this night, owner Jan Brown went all the way to raise the stakes to one thousand dollars instead of the regular one hundred. At the start of the games, a series of one hundred dollar bets were made before the big one. The rules were simple as Jan explained at the start of each game; “bet a buck a square, if the chicken poops on your number you win the pot.” By this time there was a crowd of participants and lots of spectators gathered around the fence. There was good music and cheering and much anticipation to watch the chicken move from one area of the squared board to another area.

   Of course, the chicken did move around, and there were oohs and aaahs and squeals of disappointments from the rowdy crowd hoping to cash in on the big jackpot. Just when the chicken began to look a little frightened, she raised her tail feathers and did her business on some lucky square. There were four lucky winners this time around. The $1,000 draw was a split pot between Lorraine and Amy and the final draw for $500 was another split win between Pops and Kandy. Like tradition, the winners had to clean up after the chicken “drop,” but that still didn’t compare to the jackpot they won.

    During the night, several performances were held by the South Central Boys and Mr. Bastic who entertained the crowd with the live reggaeton beats. Also, the fire dancers hailing from Guatemala did a spectacular performance with their juggling acts. The entire evening kept 200 plus visitors entertained for several hours.
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