Proshka presents in San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 35            August 31, 2006

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Angela Gegg, AKA Proshka the Artist, was at Belizean Arts for a book signing and also to present her artwork to the San Pedro public.

Sari Frank and Angela cozy up for a bit during the book signing; Angela's work is empowering and feminine - work that Belizean women appreciate and are empowered by.

On Saturday, art and book enthusiasts in San Pedro Town got the opportunity to meet and interact with Angela Gegg, artist extraordinaire. Referred to as the Juggernaut of Belize by the Belize Times, Angela delves into the world of painting, poetry and cooking. Art has been a huge part of her life and with the release of her book “The Light, The Dark, And Everything In Between,” plus the opening of her exhibit titled “Hott Chicks Can Paint Too” Angela is certainly a shooting star in the artistic world.

    A book signing and a mini-art exhibit was held this past weekend at Belizean Arts. It undoubtedly had aficionados gathered to enjoy Angela’s work. On hand to greet her fans, the beautiful blonde shook hands, mingled and gladly took pictures with all.

    Her book has been highly acclaimed by both critics and literary enthusiasts. With a witty tongue and no holds barred attitude, Angela’s work will certainly grab your attention. Unable to put the book down, you will dive into a world full of mystique, intelligence, and taboo.

    Angela’s artwork is very colorful, maintaining a familiar but yet clever and uninhibited edge. It looks familiar but unique at the same time, reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s form of painting, definitely great addition to any home or business wall.

    This juggernaut was the famous and popular icon/celebrity of the Cooking with the Smoky Mermaid show on Love TV. Angela has certainly made her mark in the cooking industry and without any doubt will make her mark in the world’s artistic field.

    Copies of her book can be found at Belizean Arts located at Fido’s Courtyard.
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