San Pedro gets healthy smiles!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 38            September 21, 2006

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Seleny Hernandez, six years old, visited the Smile Clinic for the first time, and was examined by Dwight Salmon.

Holy Cross students are taught proper oral hygeine methods, including teeth brushing, flossing and visual counting of their teeth, by Eric Peterson.

V isiting dentists generously keep volunteering their expertise and services to the children of San Pedro, and through their continued efforts, keep providing brighter smiles and healthier gums. Once again a team of volunteers arrived in La Isla Bonita not only for pleasure but on a mission to get as many children’s and adults’ teeth checked and examined.

    Dental Hygienist Mark Johnson, has been organizing and coordinating efforts for the past couple years to have the fully-equipped dental clinic so that volunteer dentists can come to the San Pedro to provide effective and efficient services for the community. The team of volunteers hail from the US and include; Dwight Salmon, Joyce Tudor (assistant), Lewis Lam (DDS), and Eric Peterson (student) of Minnesota. As per usual, the noble volunteers are providing their services to the community at the Polyclinic’s Smile Center. The clinic has been fully equipped with modern dental equipment and supplies, all generously donated by health care professionals who care about the dental health of San Pedro residents. And like previous visits from other dentists, these volunteers have a passion and love for working with children. “Our week’s mission is to work with as many kids as possible, so that they can achieve a great smile. It’s nice to see them with good dental health and that ultimately is very rewarding for us,” commented Lewis Lam (DDS).

    Children of the Holy Cross Anglican School were cared for and given lessons in proper tooth brushing, flossing, fluoride care, and visual counting of their teeth. Both children and adults are encouraged to visit their dentists for regular check-ups and not to wait until the tooth hurts or starts decaying and have them receive emergency treatment. The team explains that visits to the dentist should be a positive experience and encourages regular check-ups. The dental team has been on hand since September 18th, until today, the 22nd from 9am to 4pm. Check ups are free for children and only $20 for adults.

    The Sun, the community and especially the children, applaud the dedicated volunteers for taking valuable time out and caring for healthier smiles in San Pedro.

New Horizon students receive dental care!

Students and dentists from Loma Linda University tend to the children of New Horizon’s Elementary.

Each year, the students of New Horizon School are treated to some special TLC when dentists and dental students from Loma Linda University in Southern California, USA visit their school. Upon parental approval each student receives a dental examination and any corrective treatment they may require.

    In an interview with school Principal Miguel Hernandez told The San Pedro Sun that this annual visit is the forth time they have treated the students.

    The head dentist David Brodeur who has accompanied the group to Belize each year emphasized that the rewards of providing such a service to the community worked both ways, and that it was not just the patients/students that benefited but they has medical professionals found it very rewarding as well.

    Some dentists who have repeatedly accompanied the annual mission recognized students from the previous years and that enjoyed being a part of their dental health and progress.

    Students certainly got a treat and both Loma Linda students and dentists deserve thumbs up for their great work!
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