“Nia” Wins Blue Water Fishing Tournament

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 41            October 12, 2006

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San Pedro was the destination for all anglers and fishermen who participated in this year’s Blue Water Tournament sponsored by the Belize Game Fishing Association that occurred this weekend, October 7th and 8th. The event brought several boats brimming with anglers early at the docks ready and eagerly awaiting for the clock to strike six marking the start of the Tournament. Saturday was day one of the competition, on Sunday it culminated with the official weigh in at Caliente’s Beachfront. If you missed it, not to worry The Sun was in attendance and got the results of this year’s classic courtesy of Trevor Troe.

    As excited spectators filled the beachside and dock area, most boats made it in by five for the official weigh in. First prize boat was won by none other than “Nia” captained by Walter Garbutt who received the highest score; a total of 600 points. Garbutt walked away with bragging rights, a grand cash prize of $3,000 and a trophy. “On a roll” was the second top boat captained by Robby Espat who at the end of the day received 450 points; third place boat was “Excalibur” captained by Arley Marin with a total of 115 points.

    The first and second Calcutta prize was won by anglers in “Nia” and “On a roll” respectively. Prizes were awarded for the heaviest blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, wahoo, kingfish, yellowfin tuna, dorado, and barracuda. Spectators watched in amazement as the anglers showed off their catch; heaviest sailfish was won James Ritchie (38.5 pounds), Stuart MacFarlane won the prize for heaviest Wahoo (34 pounds), female angler Kristi Gonzalez reeled in the heaviest tuna (10.5 pounds) and barracuda (19.5 pounds), Aldo Urbina won the heaviest dorado category (seven pounds). Kevin Madera impressed not only the officials but the spectators as well as he caught one of the biggest Blue Marlins ever seen , a whopping 194.5 pounds. As it hung on the scale, many gathered with the proud anglers for pictures and some just watched in utter astonishment.

    An honorable mention goes to anglers from boat “On a roll” who reeled in a 139.5 pound Blue Marlin but was not enough to win the category. Other prizes for top female and junior anglers were won by Kristi Gonzalez and Jules Guerrero respectively.

    The Blue Water Tournament proved successful once again, however this year it was sponsored by the Belize Fishing Association. In previous years it had been sponsored by Bowen and Bowen Brewing Company, but this year they informed the association that they would no longer sponsor the event. Bowen and Bowen declined to comment, however after a couple more calls, The Sun was informed that the decision was made since the Belize Yacht Club dock, where the event had taken place before, was in no condition to host this year.

    The Belize Gaming Fishing Association takes the opportunity to thank its organizers, participants and the general public for supporting the tournament.

    See you next time and make sure to join in the fun and catch your dream fish in the blue waters of Belize in next year’s classic. Congratulations to all winners!!

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