“Oapn Paki” Talk Show airs in San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 44            November 9, 2006

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The "Oapn Paki" film crew was on hand with Rosalie Staines (host) at Captain Morgan's Retreat.

Invited guests included Lucy Flemming (President of the BTIA) and Greg Cobb (manager of Captain Morgan's).

From L- R: Donald Wade, Rosalie Staines, Andrew Godoy, Lucy Flemming and Greg Cobb.

On Friday, San Pedro was the center of discussion in one of Belize’s most popular talk shows, hosted by Rosalie Staines. The Oapn Paki Show, as it is called, was broadcasted through a live radio and television broadcast all the way from Captain Morgan’s Retreat, the host resort for the show. The crew arrived on Thursday, where they were hosted at Captain Morgan’s and given a proper tour of the facilities and what they had to offer. As a treat, Staines and friends topped off a long day by enjoying a moon light cruise.

    On Friday, the crew began recording; with several invited guests on hand, Staines and production crew pre-recorded a show that aired live on Reef Radio, Love FM and Coral Cable Vision on Channel 7. The show was concentrated on tourism in San Pedro and how the island has come a long way to become one of the premier tourist destinations in the world.

    Because of the inclement weather, the show was filmed indoors at one of the resort’s suites. After a short delay, Staines welcomed everyone to her show and introduced her guests. First up was Andrew Godoy and Lucy Flemming, President of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) who spoke about the board’s progress and achievements through her term serving as president. Flemming and Godoy gave an overview on tourism, its impact on the nation and how the island has expanded and grown to where it is today. Godoy spoke about the increase in tourist arrivals the country has seen in the past years. Of the many factors pointed out, the nation’s “people” seem to be the contributing factor of the country’s boom in tourism.

    Next on stage was Donald Wade, world traveler and personal friend of Staines, who spoke about his affair with Belize and San Pedro. Wade, who has been visiting for many years, gave his perspective as a tourist and his reasons why he fell in love with Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret. A euphoric Staines then welcomed the Manager of Captain Morgan’s Retreat, Greg Cobb, who spoke about the history of the resort, its achievements, and services they have to offer. Years back, Captain Morgan was made the venue for “Temptation Island”, a notorious show that gave them an international boost. “Over the years, the resort has expanded greatly, and with a boost from the show, and other advertisements, we are currently one of the best and leading resorts in Belize,” states Greg.

    The show then culminated with Staines thanking her crew, the hosts Captain Morgan’s, and the people who made the show possible. Staines, who has six years in the talk show business, has her own weekly show that is aired live over the radio. This flamboyant character has aired three locations on live TV including; Water Caye for a Garifuna show, Caves Branch where she rappelled thru the rain forest, San Pedro with whom she currently has a love affair, and next on her agenda is taking over Placencia. The show was made possible by co-sponsors; Belize Tourist Board, BTIA, and Renaissance Condominiums. Special thanks goes out to the host resort Captain Morgans, Tropic Air, Love FM/TV, Reef Radio, Alex Ellis, Byron Conorquie, and Blue Luna Productions.

    Be sure to catch the “Oapn Paki” Talk Show aired live on Sundays from 10:15am to 12:15pm only on Love FM and FM 2000. It’s a talk show with a new face, hosted by Rosalie Staines, who looks at issues in the community involving health, politics, anything and everything.

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