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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 46            November 23, 2006

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In 1985 Isela joined the staff at Tropic Air, as a cash auditor and has been promoted to financial comptroller. She is also an active lion member and in June of last year, she had the honor of being the third woman in San Pedro to become President of the San Pedro Lions Club.

A mbergris Caye is truly the tourism Mecca of Belize. Businesses such as Tropic Air have certainly made giant strides through the years and have succeeded in being an integral part of the island. However, the human resources employed by Tropic are what truly make the business thrive. This week, we feature someone who has seen Tropic Air grow to become what it is today, but has also found time to volunteer herself to her community – Isela Graniel.

    On December 17th, 1956, Mrs. Soila Gonzalez was being transported to Belize City for the birth of her first child. On the way to the city, baby Isela was born. The first of their eight children, Isela was the pride and joy of her father’s, Florentino, eyes.

    Isela recalls enjoying the beauty in her surroundings, the azure waters and the gorgeous beaches. She attended the San Pedro Roman Catholic School which at the time was located where the Roman Catholic Church is located now. The students were later moved to the school’s present location.

    After graduating elementary school, Isela attended Palotti High School in Belize City. At Palotti, she took up the Commercial Department. Isela loved numbers so the accounting field was perfect for her. After successfully completing her studies at the all-girl’s institution, Isela returned to La Isla Bonita and became a teacher at San Pedro High School. It was a profession she enjoyed a lot, with her subjects being accounting, typing and shorthand, among others.

    In late 1978, Isela received a job opportunity she could not refuse. As the cashier clerk at the Caribeña Co-operative, she was responsible for the office’s basic accounting and paying the fishermen who came in with their fresh catch. She remained there for four years leaving her post to join her life with the man of her dreams.

    Javier Graniel and Isela were childhood friends and after she returned from her studies in Belize the two reconnected. The couple was married on May 2nd, 1981 and they are the proud parents of Raul (24), Eder (20) and Lizette (14).

    Three years after getting married, Isela received yet another fantastic job opportunity. In 1985 Isela joined the staff at Tropic Air, as a cash auditor. Responsible for entering data into the system and checking all the daily sales, Isela has now been promoted to financial comptroller. 21 years into her work, Isela still loves every minute of it.

    Today, Isela is an active lion member and in June of last year, she had the honor of being the third woman in San Pedro to become President of the San Pedro Lions Club. Lion Graniel joined the Lionistic Family in 1997 and since her installation she has been instrumental in helping to bring back the strong sense of service to this organization. Isela has lived up to the Lion’s motto of “We Serve” and has displayed much fervor, working tirelessly amongst her fellow members. She has been an avid team player when it comes to organizing countless Lions fundraisers, work-a-thons and social functions. Previous to accepting the post of president, Lion Graniel sat on the Board of Directors as Secretary, has cooked and organized several functions and fundraisers taken on by the Club.

    Isela is also a very active part of the San Pedro Dance Company as the person in charge of the senior dancers. She has traveled with the group to many of their various dance presentations and takes an active role in their presentations.

    Isela has found a special place in her heart to help those that need it the most. “I will always help those that need it, it is a part of who I am and that will never change,” she ended. For her undying love for her family and for always being willing to assist those in need, Isela Graniel remains a true Lioness in “Our Community.”

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