San Pedro Celebrates Township Day

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 16, No. 47            November 30, 2006

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The Mayor, Area Representative and Councillors joined in the festivities as they proudly celebrated San Pedro's 22nd Anniversary of township.

The most energetic crew, ABC Pre-School, had parents and friends dancing and celebrating their theme "The Mestizo Fishermen"

The Corozal Marching band was on hand to lend some great drum beats to the parade as well!

Little Angels Pre-School also showed their support with their float, depicting the lobster fishing industry.

A few high school classes joined the parade, and dancing, celebrating township day.

Young fishermen joined little Mestizo girls in the parade!

This past weekend, San Pedro celebrated its Township Day festivities. Sunday marked the 22nd year anniversary in which La Isla Bonita became a town. Since the date fell on a Monday, it was celebrated on Sunday where a parade on the main streets was held. A handful of people along with a couple of schools were on hand to participate in the town’s milestone. San Pedro was declared a town by the government of Belize in 1984 and November 27th is observed as Township Day.

    The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) opted to have a parade through the streets of “La Isla Bonita” and did just that. The Corozal Marching Band showed their great spirit and enthusiasm as they took part in the festivities. In full force were the ABC pre-schools, San Pedro Pre-school, SPHS students depicting themes of San Pedro when it was known as a fishing village. Although the public and school participation was disappointing, the festivities still went on; it was a short but very spirited parade enjoyed by many. Of course, no celebration was complete without scrumptious food and refreshing drinks which were available at the central Park where the festivities were concentrated. Music was provided by the ever popular Rompe Raja Band.

    Several attractive prizes were given to the deserving schools; best float was won by the Little Angels and San Pedro Pre-schools. Best organized group was won by the creative bunch of the ABC pre-school. A third prize of participation was given to a freshman class from the San Pedro High School. Because of the schools participation on Sunday, the Ministry of Education gave a day off to the schools on Monday. The SPTC would like to take this opportunity to thank the ABC Pre-school who came out in full force and made the event happen.
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