Belikin Calendar 2007 launches

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 2            January11, 2007

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Miss February, the lovely Krystal Forman.

Miss April, beautiful Miss Helen Forman.

Itís time once again; eye candy for the home or office walls, the Belikin 2007 calendar is out. With pictures taken in picturesque tropical settings such as Caribbean Villas in San Pedro Town the girlsí beauty was accentuated to the maximum.

    This sixth edition has two gorgeous local beauties in the bevy of 12 young ladies. Helen Forman, primary school teacher, and Krystal Forman from the Tackle Box, grace the months of April and February, respectively.

    Photographer Richard Holder captured the beauty of Belize, as well as that of the 12 attractive Belizean women featured on the calendar. The Belikin 2006 calendar includes a photo collage of the models on the front cover, followed by individual pictures of each girl on monthly pages. The 2006 edition features: Helen Forman, Krystal Forman, Tifarah Jones, Jasmin Anderson, Delcia Marsden, Megan Fletcher, Rocio Curioz, Sheyla Burns, Mallaika Yorke, Maria Budna, and Shanna Pott.
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