Groundbreaking for SPHS/SPJC Auditorium

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 6            February 8, 2007

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Mrs. Marth Guerrero breaks ground of what will be the SPHS/SPJC auditorium.

The proposed auditorium building.

On February 6th, 2007, students, teachers, past alumni, invited guests, and staff of the San Pedro High School/San Pedro Junior College had a morning of rejoice and thanks as the ground breaking ceremonies for the schools’ Auditorium and Multi-purpose building took place.

    A historic day in the life of SPHS was certainly worthy of a celebration and present to start the ceremony was the SPHS choir who began with the singing of the National Anthem. This was followed by Belize’s National Prayer by Jamelie Hob.

    Mistresses of Ceremonies for this joyful celebration were Jean Seruntine, Alexis Guerrero, Jennifer Escalante, and Jessie Leslie. First to take to the podium was Chairlady of the Board of Directors of San Pedro High School Mrs. Martha Guerrero. Mrs. G, as she is so lovingly known, went on to comment about when she took her post as Chairlady from Mrs. Celi McKorkle in 1977, “I joined with the same ideas, vision, and dreams that Angel Nuñez and Frank Nuñez had, which was to provide great secondary education to students who could not receive it in the mainland.” She went on to recall that at that time, SPHS began with about 30 students and five teachers to what SPHS is now – over 400 alumni. “I had the pleasure and honor to address guests in 1986 when we opened our new campus to the general public, […] 1995 was the opening of our computer lab which was followed by our library. […] SPHS started with four classrooms and an office and is now a building comprised of 13 classrooms, a conference room, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a five-a-side court, science lab, computer lab, library, office and soon an auditorium/multipurpose building. […] I stand here proud recalling all that we have accomplished. We have excelled in academics, sports and recently SPHS became the Regional Nutrition Champs and took second place in the Nationals. […] The time is right for a new beginning.”

    Student Governor for SPHS Marcial Cardenez followed with a speech addressing both present and past students, “enjoy and protect what SPHS has given you.” Past student, proud graduate, owner/manager of the Reef Radio Eiden Salazar followed with his address. He commented on knowing what SPHS is capable of, the wonderful achievements, and the support garnered through the school’s hard work and dedication to its students.

    Representative for the People’s United Party Standard Bearer for the Belize Rural South Merlene “Mel” Spain stated, “I believe that when you touch the lives of the youth, you touch the heart of the community. […] I wanted to work along with my party to add the amenities of SPHS. […] I am proud to say that through businesses, friends and investors we now begin the SPHS Auditorium Fund with $300,000. I fully support SPHS and all its endeavors.”

    Principal Angel Nuñez then followed with his Vote of Thanks in which he reminisced of the 35 years of struggle that SPHS has faced. “It first began with two classrooms which were located where the San Pedro Town Council holds its two lower offices,” he went on to recall that the Science Lab was located in the Alijua Building while the Carpentry Workshop was at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church Rectory. “From 1981 – 1986, after five years of construction and building, we were then able to move to our own campus here at our present location. Through the help of various embassies including the German Embassy we were able to build the Science Lab. […] Through lots of begging we have accomplished what we have now. To my successor I simply have one advice, ‘learn to beg.’ I am not done, SPHS’s dream is just beginning,” he stated.

    Mayor Elsa Paz also present for the ceremony, gave her complete and unwavering support on behalf of the San Pedro Town Council.

    Mel Spain, Martha Guerrero, Angel Nuñez among a few others then official broke the ground where the Auditorium will be built. Refreshements were served.

    Congratulations to SPHS for reaching yet another glorious milestone.
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