Boogie Back in Belize!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 7            February 15, 2007

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Watch the skydivers in their element, or join them in a sky dive!

Daring skydivers touch down after an incredible aerial view of San Pedro.

The Boogie in Belize rally part III is back and in full throttle. Thanks to Tsunami Skydivers and organizer Richard Grimm, over one hundred sky divers have returned yet again for the third annual Boogie in Belize. Skydivers from around the world have made San Pedro the destination to sky dive and take the plunge to freefall at 13,000ft above. As per usual, the skydivers chose to have their landing site north of the cut near Coco Loco’s Bar. The skydivers arrived on La Isla Bonita on Friday and are scheduled to stay until Monday, February 19th. Hundreds of eager observers ventured to the landing spot to watch the sky divers descend back on the ground. Many of the sky divers took the time to visit with the spectators to share their experiences. “There is nothing like it, it is a beautiful thing to fly like a bird,” one sky diver told the spectators.

    But according to Organizer, Rich Grimm, skydiving is an unbelievable sport with extreme adrenaline. “It is so fantastic to be over the island over two miles high. It is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my life, with the aqua blue water and the island, it’s just fantastic,” he exclaimed. The rally does not only offer experienced sky divers the chance to get a jump in, but those who are not certified can join a professional skydiver in a “tandem” jump. Dozens of local residents and visitors have taken this opportunity to experience the thrill. Tandem jumps are offered for $225 U.S. plus $110 U.S. for video and still pictures, and only takes 15 minutes of training with the instructors. All the skydiving instructors have 1,000 or more skydives, and are known worldwide as teachers and competitors at the national and world level. Notable amongst the group are Instructor Doug Forth with over 13,000 plus jumps and Rich Grimm with 3,500 plus jumps. The Tsunami team was scheduled to make skydive jumps from February 10th thru 19th, and by the time they are done, they would have executed over 1,000 skydives. Tsunami Skydivers Incorporated (TSI) specializes in action and adventure expeditions around the world. According to Rich Grimm, he has organized ‘boogies’ all over the world and the skydivers have become a tight family as they usually are the same ones who group for the expeditions.

    As with any adventure sport, there are risks to sky diving. Only minor mishaps have occurred during the divers’ visit. One jumper apparently had to make an emergency landing on the water and had to be boat rescued and brought back to shore but suffered no serious injuries.

    Best of luck goes out to all skydivers and we hope to host you again for next year’s Boogie In Belize. If you missed out on the first two boogies now is your chance to get in on the fun. There is only three to four days left before their departure, enjoy Perris Valley Skydiving’s Super Otter climbing to 13,000ft over the aqua blue waters and stunning views of the barrier reef! The Tsunami skydivers will also be jumping over the Blue Hole again! Thrill seekers interested in taking the plunge can do so by contacting The Sunbreeze Hotel at 226-2191 or Aqua Marina Suites at 226-2515.
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