Travel Channel visits La Isla Bonita

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 10            March 8, 2007

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She has traveled across Europe, enjoyed various places within the United States of America and even relax aboard the most spectacular cruise, but Samantha Brown had never been to San Pedro Town.

    As part of her Travel Channel show Samantha Brown Travel Guides, Samantha arrived on the gorgeous white sands of Ambergris Caye. Not only did she enjoy the azure waters, shopping and restaurants but Samantha also took in the world famous Pier Lounge Chicken Drop.

    Right on the beach, the squares were marked and the chicken was ready. Samantha visited the popular “watering hole” to take in the Wednesday tradition. After purchasing her ticked it was out to the squares to see if she was the owner of the lucky number. Although she did not win the $100 up for grabs, she commented, “The island is simply gorgeous, the people are so friendly, how could someone not feel at home here.”

    Although Samantha and her crew had never been to Belize, she was surprised at the fact that she had fans on the island. “It simply is surreal to know that people know you somewhere so far from home. I was signing autographs and the kids are so lovely,” she stated.

    The Pier Lounge will be featured in Samantha’s series; this one will be the Central American Adventure to be aired in August or September 2007. The San Pedro Sun will keep you posted on the date.
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