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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 14            April 5, 2007

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On Sunday, sports enthusiasts flocked to the San Pedro Sports complex to witness one-of-a-kind boxing matches between the resilient Belize City and San Pedro boxers. The event drew a crowd all anticipating “bloody” bouts similar to the match ups from the last boxing matches in San Pedro.

    The event was spearheaded by the San Pedro Professional and Amateur Boxing Association in collaboration with the Belize Amateur Boxing Association. Based upon the boxer’s weights, all four bouts were matched as evenly as possible.

    Of course, given the venue, San Pedro boxers had the full support of the crowd and the first fight proved to be a freebie for the city crew. Belize City boxer Jonathan “Prince” Ryan, in the red corner, went head to head with Kenneth Tillette in the blue corner of San Pedro. In the first round, both boxers tested the waters, but Prince had the upper hand as he came out swinging. In the third round, Tillette threw in the towel and forfeited the match. Prince went on to win one for the Belize City crew.

    In the second match, fighting in the red corner was Harry “Gato” Zelaya who took on Thor McAllister who fought in the blue corner. After four rounds of strong competition, a unanimous decision was made; Harry “Gato” Zelaya came out triumphant.

    Fight three saw the ever popular Jimmy Polonio in the red corner taking on Joseph Gentle out of the blue corner. This match saw both boxers throwing powerful blows at each other; the fans loved every minute of it. After no knock-outs and four hard-hitting rounds, judges ruled in favor of San Pedro’s Jimmy Polonio who won that match in a unanimous decision.

    The main event and highlight of the evening was for the local “heavy weight” battle for boxing domination. San Pedro’s very own Horice Cadle fighting in the red corner took on Kevin Middleton, a member of the Belize Defense Force (BDF) who fought out of the blue corner. This match up was excellent, both fighters were determined to get a “knock out” but none succeeded and will have to wait on another time for that. Hard blows to the head and body almost threw Cadle out of the ring, literally, but he managed to get back on his feet and continue fighting. After four powerful rounds of heated boxing, judges unanimously decided in favor of Horice Cadle.

    The Sun, caught up with one of the organizers, Evan Vernon who commented on the show’s turnout stating, “We received great support from the public and it’s great to know that people enjoy the matches. We plan to have fights every six weeks after we work out the logistics. The next event will be promoted better and is hoped we can keep doing this for a while and possibly invite other boxers to sign up. Thanks to all fans, the Boxing Association and of course the boxers for a fantastic show.”

    Time keeper for the event was Pasqual Pineda who hails from Cuba. The judges were Moses Sulph, Houston Carr who was also a referee, Donald Conners, and Roberto Ordonez who was also a referee. Ring Side physician was Hector Lino. Evan Vernon was the announcer/organizer along with Councilor of San Pedro Town, Pablo Ico. Coaches include; Jason Edwards, Edward Orosco and Leopold Smart.

    Boxers from the Mexican side were sanctioned to make an appearance but were unable to attend. San Pedro residents got a healthy dose of clean boxing matches and a night of pure fun; the crowd was rocking the house as well. Shout out to ALL the fans, organizers and sponsors that made the show a tremendous success.
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