Miss Belize Universe fundraiser held in SP

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 16            April 19, 2007

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Thanks to the special support from the island residents and tourists alike, Maria Jeffrey, Miss Belize Universe has garnered enough money that will allow her to participate in this year’s coveted Miss Universe 2007. Pageants Director, Margaret Johnson and Belize top model Tracey Robateau accompanied Maria Jeffrey for a weekend in la Isla Bonita. During their stay, the girls tirelessly worked hand in hand with the people holding a radiothon through the airwaves of the Reef Radio and an fashion show, held at Ramon’s Village, to accumulate funds.

    Their first night was a wardrobe fashion show that was held at the lush Ramon’s Village where they met with the public and signed autographs. Apart from the regular formalities, Maria took the time to express her sentiments regarding the unfailing and unmatched support from San Pedro. “I know I have the potential to bring back something very positive for Belize, for Belize on a whole, the country, and myself. We are here in San Pedro to acquire funds but the people are just great, very hospitable. Participating in the Miss Universe 2007 competition and representing my home country of Belize will be an incredible source of pride for me,” she commented to The Sun. The girls have been pounding the streets asking for the public’s support. The support from San Pedro has been outstanding, remarked Johnson, “San Pedro really stepped up to the plate once again. The people are great and very hospitable and we appreciate everybody that made it happen for us. We were able to come up with the $10,000 entrance fee to the Miss Universe Pageant, so now Maria will take off from Belize en route to Mexico on April 29th. Maria has the look, personality and all the qualities that a candidate possesses to enter a pageant of this caliber. We will take Belize in our hearts and represent with pride Mother Nature’s best kept secret to the world.”

    For more than three decades Belize has been sending young women to participate in the Miss Universe Pageant. But the closest any of our contestants have come to winning the popular event was in 1974. That was the year Sarita Acosta made it to the top ten. This year, Maria Jeffrey is hoping Belizeans will be able to forget the past to give her a chance.

    The girls were scheduled to return back to the city on Sunday, but because of a generous donation from Reverend Leroy Jenkins, one more day was added to their itinerary. The girls rendezvoused at Reverend Jenkins’ residence, “Hollywood” real estate, where a small reception and photo shoot was held. Reverend Jenkins set the tone right with the sweet melodic Caribbean rhythms coming from Wil and the Caribbean Shells. Along with Mayor Elsa Paz, Reverend Jenkins handed over a significant contribution that will benefit Maria in her dream to make it to the Miss Universe Pageant.

    The Sun sat with Reverend Jenkins who was more than excited to have hosted us, “I thought it would be great to help Maria with her career. I offered my services to her and gave her my blessings in every aspect of life, be it spiritually, physically and financially and wished her the best in her future endeavors.” Reverend Jenkins has been living on the island for a year now and is very much involved with the Town and is always willing and does help financially with many community projects.

    Many other businesses assisted in any way that they could. Wings donated $100 gift certificates to both Maria and Tracy.

    National Executive Director of Pageants Belize Margaret Johnson is confident that this year’s queen, twenty-five year old Maria Jeffery, stands a very good chance of wearing the international crown. Maria Jeffery is a University of Belize final year nursing student of very mixed heritage from Belize City, a professional volleyball player, commercial model, who hopes that she can put her best foot down to compete and bring home the title. Jeffery also hopes to continue to make a difference in helping to eradicate HIV/AIDS in Belize through education.

    Interested parties willing to make a contribution can do so at account “Pageants Belize” at any Scotia Bank branch countrywide. We wish you the best and good luck Maria!!

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