Costa del Sol Nairiís advance to playoffs!!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 18            May 3, 2007

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This weekendís RFG Insurance Cup games marked the end of the regular season play. With teams already qualifying for the second round, the islanders Costa del Sol Nairiís managed to post a victory and advance to the playoffs; letís check out the stats.

    In group A, week ten found the Belmopan Bandits square off with the mighty Tex Mar Boys at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. Tex Mar Boys wasted no time to dominate the game with a back to back play, in minute 9, Wilmer Garcia scores for a 1-0 lead and a minute later Paul Linarez added to the deficit making it a 2-0 lead. At the end of regulation, Tex Mar posted the big W with a blow out 4-0.

    Over at the Carl Ramosí Stadium, Wagiya took on the toughest team in the league, FC Belize for a west side showdown. Early in the game, Lisbey Castillo gets away with a clear shot and scores, 1-0. Minute 15, Lisbey Castillo, who showed and excellent effort, puts up another for the Wagiya crew, 2-0. In minute 19, the tables turned when Shannon Flowers passed all defenders and scored the first for FC, 2-1. Just before the halftime buzzer, Deon McCauley shook the net for the equalizer, 2-2. Then, the Wagiya fate would change, when in both instances, minute 66 and 75, Jeromy James takes both possessions and rammed them home posting the victory for FC Belize, 4-3.

    Over in Group B, the Alpha Ball Club traveled west to face the Revolutionary Conquerors at the Carl Ramos Stadium. This one brought out the best in the Conquerors who blanked Alpha, 5-0. Next, the yet to earn a point Pickstock Lake hosted Santelís at the MCC Grounds on Sunday. This game like all other for the Pickstock was a guaranteed disappointment; Santelís would by default 3-0.

    On Sunday, it was a ďwin or go homeĒ situation for Costa del Sol Nairiís as they traveled up north to challenge the Suga Boys at the Peopleís Stadium. The islanders had their backs turned against the wall, but would not give up with out a fight. Letís get into the thick of things: In minute 17, Keddel Middleton gets a good look and pushes for a 1-0 lead. In minute 41, Luis ďWichoĒ Uribio adds to the lead with a well played shot at goal 2-0; the Juventus fans were definitely upset with their goal keeperís performance. In the closing minute of the half the islanders were red hot hitting shots left and right. Deris Benavides closed out the half with yet another goal and a 3-0 cushion heading into intermission. After the break, the islanders picked up from where they left off and in minute 46, Kenny Witzil adds to the Suga Boys deficit 4-0. Dean Flowersí appearance for the second half for Orange Walk certainly helped their cause, only this time Hilberto Caliz came up with a big time save. At the eight-first minute Oliver Hendricks gets taken down inside the eighteen box which leads to the penalty call. The job to convert goes to Dean Flowers and he punched it home to get Orange Walk onto the scoreboard, 4-1. In the final minutes of the ball game Dean Flowers used his left foot to score his second goal of this match for a Juventus team that showed up late in this ball game. San Pedro goes on the post to 4-2 big win and earned a spot into the playoffs from Group B with fourteen points.

    After week ten and the end of the regular season, the standings are: FC Belize 24 points, Tex Mar 22 points, Wagiya 13 points, Hankook Verdes show 12 points, Belmopan Bandits show 10 points and Toledo United with 3 points. In group B, Conquerors finished with 20 points, Suga boys show 18 points; Santelís have 17 points, San Pedro Costa del Sol/Alpha are tied with 14 points and Lake I with 0 points. The four top teams of the both groups advanced to the playoffs.

    This round will kick off on May 5th: Tex Mar Boys will play Santelís at the Michael Ashcroft to kick off at 7:30 p.m. On Sunday May 6th, Suga Boys will host Wagiya at the Peopleís Stadium; Conquerors will take on Verdes at the Carl Ramos Stadium, both at 4:00 p.m. The islanders, Costa del Sol will have a date with the toughest yet, FC Belize at the MCC Grounds at 4:00 p.m. Let the games begin!!
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