Motherís Day Celebrated in San Pedro!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 20            May 17, 2007

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Every year, San Pedro celebrates Motherís Day in grand fashion. This year was no different. From the San Pedro Town Councilís annual Motherís Day dinner, to Calienteís beach bash & bbq, there were many ways to celebrate that special woman in our lives! Here are some photo highlights of the events!

Caliente had a grand Motherís Day Beach Barbecue on Sunday where all activities were catered toward the honored women. Causing many to squeal and shout with laughter and encouragement was the game of musical chairs, where moms fought for the right to stay in the game.

In the end, Marina Kay was announced the winner.

Another contest was the Kayak competition where mothers of all ages took part in the event. Pictured are ďTeam YoungĒ, first place winners of $500!

Lime and Spoon races, three legged races, all kinds of races! Caliente had a wonderful array of activities for the Mothers of San Pedro to enjoy!

Yet another contest was the frozen t-shirt contest. A t-shirt had been frozen inside of a bag of ice. It was the various mothersí job to crack open the ice and put on the t-shirt. The first mother to accomplish that task was the grand winner.

Children had their own bouncy tent and the blue blue sea to keep them occupied, but many chose to watch Mom be silly again.

BEFORE - Two very curious youngsters hit the beach to play in the sand and can guess how they looked at the end of the day!

Chosen by the waiters and staff at Caliente, Vanya NuŮez was crowned sexiest mother on the beach. She won $100 in cash courtesy of The Reef Radio.

AFTER! Yes, our little friend, who started the day all nice and clean, would head home covered in sand, from head to toe! Or perhaps he would rinse in the sea before going home, who knows! All we know is that it must be GREAT to be a baby with not a care in the world, and a mommy to love him no matter how sandy he comes home!

It was truly a family affair on Sunday. Children got to splash around with not a care in the world, while mommies were treated to some much needed fun and games!

Enjoying every minute of the show was San Pedroís new Mother of the Year, 2007, Mrs. Eriberta Guerrero, shown here with Miss San Pedro Liliana NuŮez.

Oscar Jimenez, imitator extraordinaire, delighted moms for the San Pedro Town Council Motherís Day Dinner Party held at Central Park. He kept all moms entertained with renditions of Vicente Fernandez, Juan Gabriel, Broncos, Marco Antonio Solis and Laura Leon.

Oscar Jimenez was joined by audience members in the singing and the choosing of the various songs he performed. His jokes and quick wit made for much laughter resonating through the park.

Oscarís dancing on the light pole made everyone laugh.

The San Pedro Town Councilís party was just the beginning. Saturday had the Wings staff eagerly waiting to find out who the raffle prize winner was. After the winning ticket was drawn, the winner was announced and she was Doris Sutherland. She took home a kitchen set complete with microwave, cake mixer, stand and lots more. It also included a one night stay at Princess Hotel and Casino Free Zone, a meal from Caramba and a massage from Taz Ackerley.

   Kudos to all organizers who made this yearís Motherís Day celebrations one of the best yet!
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