La Isla Bonita’s 1st Lobsterfest

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 24            June 21, 2007

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For the very first year San Pedro’s annual Lobsterfest was held on Barrier Reef Drive in the heart of town. Crowds gathered to enjoy all the great things that a Lobsterfest is known for - the extensive selection of delectable lobster cuisine, the unique creations of the artisans on display, great musical entertainment, games and activities, and of course the added attraction of a refreshing dip along San Pedro’s sandy beaches.

    The Lobsterfest festivities kicked off on Thursday at El Divino in the Banana Beach Resort where a cocktail and lobster rotisserie was the main attraction for the night. On Friday last, the lobster competition was in full swing and the fishermen brought in their catch to be weighed in and the boat with the most pounds won a great prize. Grand winners were The Company with a whopping 717 pounds. The Company also brought in the biggest tail weighing two pounds. The barbeque grills were smoking at the Fido’s Courtyard, and right before your very eyes, the succulent lobsters were grilled, broiled or made in tacos for all those that craved the crustacean. The sweet aroma permeated through the air which brought more and more people to Fido’s as the day progressed. From horse shoe competitions to games of volleyball, the Lobsterfest had something for everyone. Sun and sea were also is high demand, as fest revelers swam, frolicked, and enjoyed the calm, crystal clear blue waters around the island. Later at night, the Fat Cats rocked the Fido’s house for a night of fun rhythms.

    On Saturday, which proved to be the biggest night of them all, hundreds of lobster fans flocked to the block party to get a taste of the good sweet lobster which was held at on “Front Street”. There were several booths lined up on the street providing incredible lobster platters and refreshing beverages and mouth watering desserts. During the night, a panel of judges was on hand to select the best lobster dish from the many booths and at the end of the night a winner would be selected to win prizes for best cocktail, best decorated tent and best lobster dish but the highlight of the block party was the Lobster King and Queen competition. Here, four men and a brave young lady vied for the crown of lobster king/queen by performing for the audience. Crowned as Lobster King and Queen 2007 were Vilma Alyssa Arceo and Sterling Vorus who wore the name and title proudly for the rest of the night. Later in the evening, the winners were announced: best decorated booth was won by Changes in Latitude with their “Mermaid Kiss” booth. Best drink was won by the folks at Casa Picasso with their infamous Watermelon Mojito. And, the best lobster dish was won by the fine cooks at Tabu with their “Lobster Stew,” which was for most, a dish “to die for.”

    The festivities carried on Sunday at Pedro’s Inn where an all you can eat lobster pizza buffet was served all day long. Finally, lobster enthusiasts made it a date to remember at El Bistro in Portofino Resort for a romantic lobster candlelit dinner. The night was filled with delicious Lobster Newburg, Surf and Turf, and fantastic Banana Delight for dessert.

    The lobster frenzy lasted for five days in which people devoured to the max the succulent Caribbean Spiny Lobster. Overall San Pedro’s 1st annual Lobsterfest made an impressive debut and was a resounding success!!!
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