Dia De San Pedro 2007

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 26            July 5, 2007

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Fireworks dotted the sky for a spectacular show.

View from the top: It was a packed field full of revelers.

Take the Lead shows off their dance moves to an excited crowd on Friday.

Fireworks blazed and lighted up the warm night’s skies at the Old Football Field in celebration of the Dia de San Pedro festivities. The annual event is a celebration held in honor of our Patron Saint Peter. It also celebrates all of the past accomplishments that we have achieved as a community and is time of reflection for the future achievements. It is a two part weekend, one the religious aspect and two the happy side to any festival.

    The Grand Opening was held on Thursday night where Mayor Elsa Paz welcomed those in attendance. “There is nothing more beautiful than to see our children be part of this gallant customs and experience the same joy and love as our ancestors once did. Dia De San Pedro has become more than a tradition but a celebration of pride. A celebration of pride not only for born San Pedranos but for all of us that live in the island and help build this community. On behalf of the San Pedro Town Council, I take this opportunity to ask all my beloved San Pedro community and dearest visitors to come together to protect this precious little jewel of ours by respecting our beliefs and traditions.” Her speech was followed by remarks by Area Representative Manuel Heredia Jr. and by Miss San Pedro Liliana Nuñez who took everyone back in time; back to the time of the early settlers and their way of life. A lovely prayer was given by Lay minister Claudio Azueta while the Vote of thanks was delivered by Deputy Mayor Joseph Elijio. Entertainment for the night was provided by the Mariachi Grupo Huracan who came all the way from Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico to join in the festivities. Barry and the Islanders entertained everyone until the wee hours of the morning as well. The fireworks spectacular had everyone looking up at the skies enjoying the beautiful kaleidoscope of colors.

    The Misa de Gallo followed on Friday as did the breakfast for fishermen at the Lions Den. The annual boat procession also formed part of the religious aspect of the festival along with a street procession which took place later in the evening.

    Friday night was the Barbara’s Dance Group show as well as a performance by the Take the Lead cast. Saturday was more dancing this time provided by the San Pedro Dance Company and more music by Barry and the Islanders.

    The festivities ended on Sunday with a record breaking fishing tournament and party at the Caliente Beach. It was a wonderful weekend for all, one that will be repeated next year with more fun and excitement.

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