Children make a difference this summer!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 28            July 19, 2007

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San Pedrito kids clean up their neighborhood
On Thursday, over 40 kids joined forces with the San Pedro Town Council officials to clean up their San Pedrito neighborhood. This is one of the many projects that the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has embarked on to encourage the general population and especially the kids to “Keep San Pedro Clean.”

    This particular campaign is being spearheaded by Pablo Ico in his capacity as Youth and Sports Councilor. He is geared at involving kids younger than the age of 12 to be more proactive and get use of maintaining a clean neighborhood. “The concept behind this clean up is to encourage more kids to get involved with cleaning their neighborhood. In most instances, it’s the kids that are the ones that throw litter everywhere and we are trying to break them out of that mold. We want them to get used to the idea that they have to maintain a healthy environment and we plan on having many more by targeting other areas in Town,” commented Ico. The group of 40 kids was joined by Mayor Elsa Paz and other councilors who all pitched in to get the task done. From raking leaves, to picking up bottles, boards, plastic bags, the half day was spent with interacting with each other whilst having fun cleaning and making the area better for all.

    The 40 kids make up the “Little Giants” group that play in the five-a-side competition which is currently in its last week. In order for this campaign to be successful, all the people of the island have to do their part and put litter in its proper place. In hopes of discouraging people to litter, “no littering” signs can be seen in most areas in town. Numerous work-a-thons, advertising campaigns and other propaganda have been made to instill this message on all island residents as well.

    The benefits are numerous: a litter-free and more attractive community, recognition for the group, and knowing that the individuals involved are making a difference in their community.

Library kicks off Summer Program
Learning about turtles, the Maya and their ruins and other fun subjects had children lined up at the San Pedro Library eagerly awaiting the beginning of their summer program. Held both in the morning and afternoon, the program teaches kids a little bit of everything whether it is the environment or history. For the next two weeks, space is available for children interested in taking part of the program. Weeks two and three include learning about computers. So, why not sign up now? Call Librarian Iracela Acosta at (206) 2028 for further information.

Summer Youth Camp 2007 starts up!
Well in its seventh year, the San Pedro Town Council summer program for children aged seven to 15 kicked off with a bang as over two hundred kids signed up for the program. The program is part of the council’s commitment to youth and sports in our community. It is actively geared at getting youths involved in more in physical activity playing basketball, football, volleyball and several cleaning campaigns to help La Isla Bonita remain litter free. The summer camp in its past years have been a hit amongst the island kids that every year they look forward to being apart of it.

    Coordinator of the program, Debbie Spain commented that the program has been received very well from the kids and it is something that they look forward to during their long summer. It also is helpful in providing a safe haven for children that may have no other alternative on how to spend their summer vacations. The program is for boys and girls who wish to have an active summer playing sports and interacting with other children as well as having fun.

    With the unfailing support from several business establishments, the program was launched and each child received a vibrant shirt in various colors to differentiate from the age groups. The kids all elated to be apart of the program seemed excited and restless to get the ball rolling. On Friday after their shirts were given out, the kids, despite the rain, took to the streets and paraded around town marking the commencement of the program.
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