Costa Maya Festival draws nearer (August 2)!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 29            July 26, 2007

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Marta Elena Martinez Vidal is the lovely 17-year old who represents El Salvador.

Taking over pageant duties is Maria Jose Zavala Orellana, a 22-year old model, representing Guatemala, in place of Hania Henandez Manchame.

Taking the Honduras reins is Saida Etelina Centeno Martinez, a 21-year-old student who replaces Cindy Pamela Martinez.

Making her first appearance on a Belizean stage is the beautiful El Salvador representative, Marta Elena Martinez Vidal. The seventeen year old beauty enjoys shooting hoops and playing the violin. Marta is in her final year of high school and hopes to become a great fashion designer. If Marta had the choice to live anywhere within the Munda Maya countries, she would love to be on Belizean soil. “Belize has an immense Mayan treasure, and internationally known for its second largest barrier reef in the world. With its friendly people, mix of cultures, and all of its glorious characteristics, Belize is definitely a beautiful place to live in.”

    Having her dad as her hero, Marta states that she has learned much from him, “He has helped me with his teachings and has prepared me to face my future challenges. As young as I might be, I have learned to win and lose, that is important in life.”

    This week, the Costa Maya Festival announces that both Guatemala and Honduras have new candidates who will participate at this year’s pageant. Representing Guatemala is Maria Jose Zavala Orellana, 22-years-old, a model and a law student presently in her final university year. Describing her country, Maria states that it is beautiful and rich in flora and fauna. “It is full of culture and traditions that make it even more special. It is an honor to represent my beloved nation.”

    Taking the Honduras reins is Saida Etelina Centeno Martinez. The 21-year-old beauty ambassador is currently a student and enjoys hiking. Her poise will certainly make her a strong contender at this year’s pageant. And for the first time ever, Panama joins the Costa Maya Pageant! Details of the newest delegate to form part of our prestigious pageant will be in next week’s issue of The San Pedro Sun, since as of press time, full details had not been divulged.

    New addition to the festival also includes songbird Ricardo Montaner. Venezuelan pop singer Ricardo Montaner was born as Hector Eduardo Reglero Montaner on September 8th, 1957 in Valentín Alsina, Buenos Aires, Argentina, but moved to Venezuela when he was six. During his youth he performed in the church chorus in the town of Maracaibo and soon after launched his career in the early 80’s. But it wasn’t until 1987 when Ricardo became popular in Venezuela with the singles “Yo Que Te Amé” and “Vamos a Dejarlo” belonging to his self-titled album.

    The following year he came out with “Ricardo Montaner 2” with songs like “Tan Enamorados” and “A Donde Va El Amor” while acting in the popular soap opera “Niña Bonita”. This also became a tool to make his songs known to the rest of Latin America. He won four platinum albums in Argentina alone. His next two albums, “Un Toque de Misterio” and “En el Último Lugar del Mundo,” became classics of the popular music in Mexico, Central and South America with hits such as “La Cima del Cielo”, “Me Va a Extrañar”, “Déjame Llorar” and “Será”.

    By 1997, Ricardo was already a well established artist in the Spanish speaking music world and could give himself the luxury of experimenting with other styles of music, without forgetting the roots that had made him so popular a decade earlier. Short in stature, high in talent, Ricardo is undoubtedly one of the most popular artists of all time in the Latin pop world and an icon in modern romantic music. In 2007, Ricardo released “Las Mejores Canciones Del Mundo” with “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti,”

    “Echame a mi la Culpa” featuring Juanes. “Las Mejores Canciones del Mundo” is having great success all over the world and part of his tour will include the Costa Maya Festival. Ricardo Montaner has sold over 24 million albums, and keeps breaking records in arenas and theaters all over the world and now we can enjoy him live at the Old Football Field grounds.

    Costa Maya tickets are now available and may be purchased at: Costa Maya Office, Lala’s Store, Fantasy Garden, Ambergris Store, Emerita Muñoz, Leni Nuñez, Milo’s Ice, Rock’s Shopping, Pier Lounge, Footprints, Island Magic and San Pedro Post Office.

    Tickets are as follows: Season Pass, Adult - $100.00; Kids - $ 45.00. Thursday Pageant Night Adult - $25.00; Kids - $10.00, while on Friday/Sunday tickets are sold for Adult - $20.00; Kids - $10.00, International Night (Saturday) Adult - $90.00 and Kids - $20.00. Children under five years may enter the grounds free of charge.
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