Lions install new Board of Directors (BOD)

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 17, No. 30            August 2, 2007

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Willing and ready to serve for this upcoming fiscal year is the newly installed Lions' Board of Directors.

Last Saturday night, the San Pedro Lions Club was dressed in its official purple and gold colors. The Board of Directors elect for the year 2007-2008 was to be officially sworn in and they would take responsibility of the Club.

    Willing and ready to serve for this upcoming fiscal year are President – Alex Nuñez, Immediate Past President – Melly Kumul, 1st Vice President – Eiden Salazar, 3rd Vice President – Kainie Manuel, Secretary – Gerardo Reyes, Treasurer – Abel Guerrero, Tamer – Gonzalo Lara, Tail Twister – Alex Eiley, 1st Year Directors – Severo Guerrero, Gilberto Acosta, 2nd Year Director – Jose Alamilla, Lupe Caserez and Membership Director – Beto Marin.

    A brief outline of their respective duties follows:

Lion Tamer: Is in charge of and responsible for the club’s property. Lion Lara will see to it that the flags, gong, gavel and badge boards are properly placed, that the standard organization chart is displayed conspicuously at every meeting; and that all materials are properly distributed. He assists the past presidents as official greeter and always welcomes and introduces all guests and makes sure that places are provided to all.

    Tail Twister: Lion Eiley shall maintain harmony, and encourage good feelings, life and enthusiasm in meetings. He shall impose and collect the fines at the meetings and much of the success of the meetings are based on him. It depends upon his resourcefulness in promoting fellowship, fun and laughter, making the members forget, for a time at least, their business and any worries that they may have.

    1st and 2nd Year Directors: Serve as directors and form what is termed the board of directors of the club. Their position is important as they assist in formulating and executing the policies of the club. All new business is considered and shaped by this board of directors.

    Membership Director: Leads the Membership Committee and helps to develop and implement a growth program as approved by the club’s board of directors. Regularly reports to the club and encourages and assists members in bringing qualified members into the club, always using proper recruitment methods. Lion Marin will work with they club’s leadership in insuring that membership losses are kept at a minimum.

    3rd, 2nd, 1st Vice Presidents: Duties assigned to directors applies to them as well. In addition, in order of office and presence, they substitute for the president when absent from any club or board of directors meeting.

    Treasurer: Is the custodian of all club funds.

    Secretary: Is the president’s right hand. Lion Reyes is the liaison between the club and Lions International and the District Governor’s Organization. It is his responsibility to see that all communications are properly referred to the board of directors or the club. He shall also submit regular Monthly Membership Reports to Lions Clubs International, with copies to the district governor and vice district governor. He will keep general club records, including minutes of club and board meetings, committee appointments, officers’ list, attendance records, list of key members and list of members showing their classifications, addresses and telephone numbers. He will collect from the members, and others, all monies due the club, turning such funds over to the treasurer, taking proper receipt. Furthermore, Lion Reyes will furnish a financial statement to the board of directors monthly, to the club quarterly, and to Lions Club International semi-annually. He is also an active member of the district governor’s advisory committee as will attend the quarterly advisory committee meetings of the zone.

    President: Is the Chief Executive Officer and is expected to preside at all meetings of the club and regular and special meetings of the board of directors. He will appoint the administrative and activities committees, and to act as an ex-officio member of these. He is also a member of the district governor’s advisory committee and as such will attend the quarterly advisory committee meetings of the zone.

    Congratulations and good luck to the new board of director
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